What if sometimes we attract something that we do not want? What about all that we have attracted in our life? Do we have to meekly suffer, until we spent the last penny? Are we limited to karma? Yes, to some degree we are limited by what has already been made – cannot bring the law into effect and have no consequences. You reap as you sow, there is no doubt, but there is something to think about. The Bible says that if a person repents, his sins are forgiven, and never remembered. Here we have two statements that seem at first sight contradictory. The first says that we should suffer from the offense, and the second – that under certain conditions it does not necessarily to suffer. What are these conditions? Changing the attitudes to the law. This means that we should stop to think and act the wrong way.

When we do this, we reject the old order, and we affirm in a new one. Someone might say: if this is true, then how about the Law of Cause and Effect? It is broken? No, and here’s why: The law is not violated, it continues to act in the same direction, if we kept the wrong way, but when we change the cause, that is, think and act differently, then we can change the course of the Law. It is the same law, but we changed it over, and then, instead constrain and punish us, it releases the blessing. It remains the law, but we changed our attitude towards it. We could throw a stone at the window, and if nothing can stop it, it will break the glass. Here you have the law in action. But if someone catches the stone before it reaches the window glass would survive. And the glass is not broken, and the law is not broken. Within the law can be changed, and that’s all. Thus, we can, no matter what happened in the past, step over what happened, so it will never affect us. Therefore, if we keep in mind that is not the best; let us remember that we are not obliged to hold on to it. It was the best of our old ideas, and it was good before, has not yet taken place, but now we know more and can do better.

Law works without deviation, as the Law of Attraction. All we have to do is to throw the unwanted of our thoughts, to forgive ourselves and begin anew. We must never even think about the past. Say goodbye to it forever. Our diverse experience will be more and more to teach us so to shape our thoughts and desires to conform to the fundamental purpose of the Great Mind – the embodiment of perfect. Fear of the conscious application of the Act could paralyze all efforts to further development.

We will come to greater and greater understanding that embodies the grand cosmic plan, and all that we need to do is give it ourselves to achieve, perhaps, the real life. When we surrender our thoughts with the great goals, then we obtain the appropriate blessing, because the act together with our Father, who knows from the outset and the final result. We must never lose sight of what we are all endowed with an individual right to use the law and that we cannot use it.

Let us therefore go forward with the belief that a great force acting through us, that the law is the law of wholly good, that we plant the seeds of our thoughts in the Absolute Mind, and that we can follow our path, enjoying the divine privilege to work with the infinite.

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