There is a good way, which is used to get rid of thoughts that make us unhappy. It is to highlight a special time for them, not allowing them to overcome themselves in the remaining hours. To take advantage of this technique is much easier than it might seem at first glance.

People long ago mastered the trick to set aside concern for later. Surgeon before the operation discovers that the tax inspectorate appointed him to the audit. “It is not up to it – says the doctor – Now I must think only about what is happening in the operating room”.

An hour later, you need to pass the report, and you are working feverishly to complete the job on time. The phone rings. Your mechanic is going to tell you about the problems connecting with your car. “Not now – you reply. – I cannot think of anything except my work.” Scheduling a time for anxiety, you thereby state the fact that now you do not need to worry – the anxiety can wait.

Our proposed method is somewhat artificial, but it helps. Many people have a difficult time believing in it because they believe that life goes on spontaneously: “It so had happened, that’s all.” Indeed, many things in life are beyond our control and the ability to anticipate, but not all. Much is coming in routine and ordinary way. Much is available to planning.

In fact food does not appear on the table itself. Someone prepares it. Someone is planning the menu. Someone performs the purchase of products. Try to relate to the need to worry just as to a necessity to arrange the laundry from time to time, do the cleaning or visits to the dentist. Allow time for the anxiety, and the remaining hours to devote to other pursuits.

You may be thinking: “I am so overwhelmed with a great number of deeds. I just cannot make time for anxiety.” But you can – and eventually you will see that it is very convenient. The very act of planning that allows you to better understand how you can allocate your time. If you write down in black and white on what you spend the day, you will find that you have time to redo a lot of things.

It is enough time for anxiety. But you must clearly define the hours when the idea of “what if …” have no right to bother you. If you have too many cases around the clock anxiety is unlikely will help you to cope with them, because the anxiety itself only complicates the situation. You will see that at the time scheduled free from anxiety while you have time to do much more than before.

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