Anxiety is a normal reaction to things that tend to frighten you or when you feel uncertain or overly stressed. Often anxiety brings sweating, muscle tension and an increased heart rate with it. Anxiety increases when you have financial problems, work problems or family problems.

Here are a few methods that you can use to control your anxiety levels and also use in preventing panic attacks as well:

1. Learn a Variety of Breathing Exercises

When you start to have a panic attack your breathing gets faster and it can develop an irregular pattern. When you are calm, your breathing slows down and its rhythm returns to normal. One thing that helps keep anxiety under control is deep relaxing breaths. By learning a few deep breathing methods you will be taking important steps to controlling your anxiety. Take a long slow breath and count to ten then slowly exhale. Practice doing this until it becomes second nature.

2. Take Action

One of the best responses to a raising anxiety level and preventing panic attacks is to take action and try to calm yourself down. First you will want to identify the exact cause of your stress and, if you can, write down what it is that is bothering you. When your anxiety has subsided, look at the problem that caused your stress and try to come up with ways that you can keep the problem from arising again. By taking responsibility for your anxiety and trying to solve your problems, you might find that it will go away completely!

3. Learn to Let Go

Instead of focusing on the things that scare you or cause anxiety, learn to look past them and focus on the things that keep you calm. Some call this “finding a happy place.” Listening to certain music, prayer, exercise or even simply relaxing with a good book are all methods of letting go.

4. Improve Your Self Esteem

Anxiety is often rooted in self doubt or insecurity. By thinking positive and learning to recognize your strengths you can play to those strengths and greatly reduce the insecurities that have been plaguing you. This is also an area when therapy can prove to be very helpful in the curbing of anxiety and panic. Learn not to criticize yourself but, instead, to tell yourself that the next attempt will be better.

5. Find a Support Group

Sharing your feelings with people who understand what you are going through is also a wonderful way to work through your stress and anxiety. There are plenty of anxiety and panic attack support groups available if you are interested in joining one. Finding encouragement from others who have anxiety problems can help you to realize that you are not alone, which will help you keep it under control.

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