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Your first panic attack should be a learning experience that will help you control attacks in the future. Sometimes people with a panic attack go to the emergency room thinking they are having a heart attack as the symptoms are similar and come on suddenly. You’ll feel things like sudden periods of extreme fear, anxiety, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling, rapid heart beat, hyperventilation, tingling sensation, nausea, etc. When they learn that it was a panic attack and knowing the difference they can start taking control of their future attacks. This is important because often a panic attack will keep you from even functioning.

Panic attacks are caused by many physical, mental and emotional triggers. Genetics may play a part and females are more apt to get them than men. Allergies or sensitivities to food, drink or chemicals can trigger an attack along with memories or trauma. Alcohol and drug can also cause panic attacks and disorders. Serious and upsetting experiences along with everyday events could trigger an attack.

Panic disorder may lead to “situational avoidance,” where the sufferer feels they have to avoid every place or situation in where attack has occurred and might not even leave their house which could be a very serious disruption to a normal life.

Control subjects were less likely to have panic attacks then patients with panic disorders after both drank a high amount of caffeine, according to results of a small study by Isabella Nascimento, MD, and colleagues at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

People who had went to a doctor for treatment told me that they were usually told they should avoid caffeine in colas, coffee, chocolate and teaI’ve talked with several people who gave me the following natural treatments they have used to cure or avoid panic attacks without using medicine.

Deep Breathing

One of the best forms of panic attack relief is to simply take deep, slow breaths to prevent hyperventilation. By getting hyperventilation under control you avoid things such as the dizziness and lightheadedness which happens because there is too much oxygen being taken to the brain at one time.


This appears to be a one of the best ways of dealing with a panic attack once it’s started. An adrenaline rush usually accompanies an attack and the exercise can bleed it off according to people who use it.

Aroma therapy

After listening to a number of people talk about using aroma therapy to combat panic attacks it appears there are two schools of thought. The first swears by using smells that bring back pleasant memories, such as baby powder, certain flowers, farm animals or barbecuing. The others said that aromas from essential oils or candles were the best.


This is a way that several people said helped them from having attacks or by being able to stop them once they started.

Think happy thoughts or take your mind off your problem

Others told me that once an attack started they tried to empty their mind of anything but pleasant things that they had done in the past and it appeared to help them. They also said taking your mind off the attack with things like counting backwards from one hundred was helpful.

The above ways are used by ordinary people to cure or get over a panic attack. In some cases they just can’t do it themselves and need professional help. Below is some information on several different natural methods used to cure people with panic disorders.

Getting Professional Help


Diane Ulicsni, director of The Hypnosis Center in Lake Oswego, Ore., suffered from chronic panic attacks for many years. She finally found relief through hypnosis and is now a board certified hypnotherapist. She says that hypnosis — recognized by the American Medical Association since 1958 as a form of treatment — is one approach that is non-drug and can greatly ease or even cure panic attacks.

Laugh your panic attacks away?

That’s a good strategy, says Steve Sultanoff, PHD, a clinical psychologist in Irvine, Calif., and past president of the American Association for Therapeutic Humor. He uses humor visualization with his panic attack patients, telling them to imagine themselves in a situation where they’ve laughed uncontrollably. When they have a panic situation, they are able to return to the picture of themselves laughing.

Cognitive Behavorial Therapy

James D Herbert, PHD, associate professor of clinical psychology at MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, says that cognitive behavioral therapy is his choice for treating panic disorders. Cognitive-behavior therapy is made up of two parts: One is to identify and modify the thinking patterns that produces anxiety (cognitive therapy), and lessening anxiety by exposing the patient to fearful scenarios (behavior therapy).

If you suffer from panic attacks try some of the treatments listed above. They have worked for people I talked with and maybe they’ll work for you too.


Natural Panic Attack Treatments

James D Herbert, PHD





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