Everyone in this world goes through one or the other kind of anxiety in their live. But, 5% of all population finds it difficult to deal with the anxiety and it become so severe that it affects their daily life. Normally little bit of anxiety in life essential for better performance in tense situations such as studying harder for an exam, important presentation in office, preparing better for an interview. But, when anxiety becomes intense and irrational it grows as a serious disorder. These days, many people suffer from the most common psychological disorder such as anxiety and panic attacks. Experts have discovered several techniques pertaining to the question ‘how to treat anxiety attack’.

The methods on how to treat anxiety attack depends upon the type of anxiety disorder. Given below is a discussion on different type of anxiety attacks and its available treatment methods.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is one of the most common types of anxiety disorders affecting 4-5% of the entire population today. For treating this type of anxiety attack, doctors prescribe medicinal as well as therapeutic treatment. Busipirone is a commonly prescribed drug. Therapeutic techniques includes cognitive and behavior therapy (CBT) and several relaxation techniques. In CBT, a specialist in psychotherapy counsels the patient to understand the realistic and unrealistic thoughts the patient is experiencing and then develop strategy to cope with the unproductive thought patterns and how to get control over unwanted and abnormal behavior. It might take time to achieve results, but it’s definitely helpful for complete recovery.

Antidepressants, tranquilizers and anti-anxiety drugs are generally prescribed for treatment of phobias. Another important method on how to treat anxiety attack for phobias is the exposure therapy. In exposure therapy, the patient is constantly exposed to the source of the phobia and gradually learns to overcome the fear.

Post-Traumatic Panic Attack
Attending support groups or peer counseling groups is generally suggested to patients where they can share their experience. The patients can overcome their trauma by working through their pain and grief in individual psychotherapy. The commonly prescribed medicines for post traumatic stress are benzodiazepines, beta-blockers, and lithium.

Panic Attack
Panic attack is the most dangerous form of anxiety disorder that can weaken the patient physically and emotionally. Reports say that over 3 millions of people in US suffer from this kind of anxiety disorder. Also, researches have found that women are more vulnerable to panic attacks than men. The important fact is this kind of diseases is curable and proper therapies and medicines can bring substantial improvement in the patient’s condition. Anti-anxiety drugs such as benzodiazepines and antidepressants are also solution to how to treat anxiety attack. But, it is not recommended to continue with medicines for longer period of time.

Besides these, there many natural treatment for anxiety available as an answer to “how to treat anxiety attack”. Herbs such as Passion Flower, Melissa Officinalis, St John’s Wort and Lavender are useful to cure anxiety attacks.

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