Last night, I was watching the stars. I breathed in the fresh, Oregon, mountain air, streaming through our sliding-screen bedroom door. The omnipresent scent of ponderosa pine and sage was pleasantly underscored by the buzz of insect musicians.

Majestic, infinite, starlight beacons, eons of years old, tried to lift my mind and spirit to heavenly heights. Magnificent, twinkling orbs spoke to me about the majesty and blessings of life. But still, I must confess to feeling a little down and blue.

There are several reasons for this: I think basically, I’m still adjusting to retirement life. As you might agree, at age 60, it is important to find something meaningful to do to fill the void of employment and the structure and routine that went with it.

I am also a taint bit discouraged over a failed internet job opportunity. A few days ago, I was contacted by phone by a mentoring associate who represented a company called

They sell personal development tapes and DVDs by well known motivational coaches and law-of-attraction subscribers, made popular by Rhonda Burn’s book, The Secret. In addition, LifePath encourages its members to participate in several so called state-of-the-art life coaching seminars.

The sales person went on to entice me with the belief that new direct sales associates can expect to earn between $3,000 to $15,000 a month; and further, all associates will be mentored and trained to be successful.

Then, I was asked to pay $96 to join the company plus $1695 for the tapes and the complete set of their personal development program. Now, my mother warned me that if a sales person ever asked you to purchase something that sounded too good to be true, it was probably too good to be true.

As I probed the details of this job opportunity, I was assured that I could get a complete refund for the $1,695 if the business didn’t work out for me in 72 days. Also, the sales person referred me to the company web site, which persuasively portrayed the attractiveness of unlimited wealth and rapid success.

Needless to say, I was skeptical, but I was intrigued about the possibility of a real internet business that could pay me commissions of $1000 and more for each sale. So, after talking to the sales person again, and listening to his mentor who claimed he earned $400,000 a year from this business, I made them an offer.

I suggested I would pay the $96 registration fee and I would go through all the training modules, but I needed more information about their marketing process. I went on to state that since our economy is facing rough times, most people would have some difficulty investing $1,695 in a business opportunity.

Both sales people assured me that the mentoring approach was state-of-the art. They further explained the lead system they purchased online was merely a $1,000 a month, but assured me this would give me the best opportunity of being successful.

After further discussion about the revelations that my initial investment in the business would now cost $2695, I suggested that we consider a more cautious approach. I wanted to slowly test the waters as some people say.

So, I agreed to pay the $96 registration fee and I would go through the mentoring and training process. Once I saw and experienced the effectiveness of the marketing process, then I would jump full board into the investment of $2,695. I thought that sounded reasonable to me.

Unfortunately, they were not happy with my proposal. They sadly turned me down.

Although, I remain a little blue, somehow I feel more free to appreciate the good things in my life; i.e., a fulfilling 30-year marriage; a home surrounded by lush, green mountains near the Oregon coast; five adult children who live independently; a loving church community; the joy of playing my drums and piano; heartfelt pride regarding my published book, The Eby Way, which is available at; being retired at age 60; and of course, the healing power of starlight.

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