A panic sufferer is able to help themselves through dietary and lifestyles changes.  While many of these changes mean taking something away that is negatively influencing, there are some things that can be added to improve the quality of life of the panic sufferer and help them to manage their anxiety disorder.  Just as it has been long known that stress reduces the number of vitamins and minerals in the body, it is also known that supplementing the diet with additional vitamins minerals will help the body combat stress.  Although beyond the scope of this article, taking certain herbs have also been shown to help the body combat feelings of anxiety and stress.

Chief among the vitamin supplements that should be taken are the B Vitamins.  There are eleven of these and they all work together to promote energy and support the nervous system.  Don’t worry though about having to take eleven different pills.  They are available packaged together though if a person is under extreme stress, an additional dose of B5 can aid in handling stress.  B5 in particular helps the adrenal gland and that particular gland is particularly busy during stressful situations.

The second vitamin that helps a person deal with stress is vitamin C.  Vitamin C has long been known to have enhancing effects on the immune system.  As an added bonus, Vitamin C, as well as the B vitamins, help energy levels and combat fatigue.  Vitamin C also helps support the adrenal gland right along with the B vitamins.  There are some side effects with taking large doses though.  Unlike Vitamin B, Vitamin C is not water soluble and has been associated with kidney stones.  For all vitamins, even “harmless” ones, a person should be careful at taking too many.

As for minerals, calcium is a natural tranquilizer and calms a person.  A person normally needs at least 1000mg of calcium a day for good health.  Failure to get the minimum amount can lead to problems in the nervous systems, especially with signals going between nerve cells.  The good news is that calcium is readily available from dietary sources so if a supplement is necessary, it is likely to be small.  Any calcium supplement should be taken along with magnesium as the two minerals help each other.  Plus, magnesium is another natural calming substance.

Vitamins B and C along with calcium and magnesium are four dietary substances that are necessary to support good nervous system health and combat panic attacks.  Therapy for panic attacks should include nutritional information on these and other dietary elements such as chromium and cobalt, the lack of which can indicate dietary problems such as hypoglycemia or Vitamin with symptoms similar to those of panic attacks.  A doctor or nutritionist should be able to give you more information on the appropriate dosage that will best help you.

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