People who experience panic attacks often report a sense of going crazy, dying, feeling faint or nauseated, feeling heavy, and feeling of not being able to breathe. They are caused by stress and anxiety but can be treated with therapy or medication.

Attacks generally start occurring in the teenage years due to increased stress from friends and family, hormones, and the stress of growing up. Many who experience these attacks at such a young age fear they are dying, being punished, or are going crazy. If you or a teen you know suffers from panic attacks then they you or they needs to be informed. People often commit suicide just to end their pain from their attacks but unfortunately they were most likely not informed or ill-informed about panic attacks. They can be treated and maybe even cured in certain cases if the person is treated with medication or therapy. Inform someone around you to the seriousness of panic attacks and tell them to read the article for themselves. I want to help and inform as many people as i can. You don’t need to live with panic attacks and you don’t need to kill yourself to end the pain. Panic attacks are a disorder and disease that can be triggered by many things.

Get Rid of Panic Attacks Now!

So if you or someone you know is experiencing attacks due to stress or anxiety please refer them to this page. It can make all the difference in helping someone escape from the attacks and join people who are not living in constant fear of having another attack. It just takes one click to get here so you don’t have a reason not to inform another person.

Though an attack in teens can seem an impossible thing to handle for the teen and parents it doesn’t need to be. It does take time, patience, hard work and a little bit of experimentation.

Many people want to know some tips for getting through a panic attack as smoothly as possible.

First off, If you can, avoid an attack if possible. Try to lower your stress and anxiety by taking some time for yourself just to relax or maybe even exercise. Some people can handle exercising and some just need to relax. Exercising is better for you because it makes you healthy and releases endorphins that make you feel good. However you don’t want to push yourself. If you can’t do it then just try relaxing by watching a movie or your favorite tv show.

If you can’t avoid an attack then the best thing is trying to stay calm. Just think about it being over. Don’t try to fight it just let it flow through you quickly to get it over with. If people try to comfort you just let them don’t try to fight anything just let the panic attack do its thing and then you can get back to what you were doing or you can yell at everyone to give you some space just don’t try yelling or fighting anything or anyone in the middle of a panic attack.

After its over just relax for a little bit and don’t do anything too strenuous. Panic attacks are serious business and shouldn’t be ignored they are probably telling you that you have too much stress and anxiety in your life. Just try to calm yourself if you feel the onset of an attack. The causes are listed below

Causes of panic attacks include:

* Heredity

* Phobias

* Lack of Assertiveness

* Medications

* Withdrawal

* Chronic Illness

* and other disorders

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