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There are many panic attacks treatment nowadays.  You can resort to books, programs, techniques and medication to cure panic attacks.  In fact, there are even some simple steps that you can follow and use at home.  This article will give you some easy to follow steps on coping with a panic episode.  And, if you want to permanently get rid of panic attacks, a new technique will be discussed in the later part of the article.

Here’s a word of advice.  Before implementing this panic attacks treatment by yourself, make sure that you are really aware of the symptoms of a panic attack.  Sufferers often associate the feelings of a panic attack with feelings of getting a heart attack or nervous breakdown so make sure you do not confuse it with a each other.  If you are having a heart attack instead of a panic attack, then performing these steps might be of no use.

- Think Positive Thoughts

Go for positive thinking!  Since a panic attack is all in the head, and having unwanted thoughts are a product of it, why don’t you try thinking up positive thoughts?  Tell yourself, “I can do this!  I will get over this panic episode!”

- It Is Harmless

Remind yourself that a panic attack is not medically dangerous and is physically harmless.  The scary sensations are just temporary and it will pass.  You are not going to die.

- Breathe

Learn breathing exercises.  One of the symptoms of panic attacks is a shortness of breath.  For this, you should learn breathing exercises and practice them beforehand, so it will come naturally to you the next time a panic episode occurs.

By: Cathy Shermann

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