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Panic attacks leave a terrible impact on a person´s life. There are several symptoms that tend to disturb a person in many ways. An individual with panic attack disorder also lives in constant worry that he may have to soon suffer an attack and feel embarrassed in front of other people.

However, what most people are not aware of is that panic attack disorders are treatable, no matter how serious or intense the case. Experts in the field of medical science tend to recommend different types of techniques and therapies to facilitate the sufferer to lead a normal life. They believe that the disorder is a result of a combination of several environmental as well as biological factors just as other serious disorders like diabetes and heart disease.

People can be relieved of the scary symptoms via professional care. Success of the treatment depends and varies from one individual to the other. Some people may respond to a therapy within a few months while others may require about a year. The treatment method may also be made complex keeping in mind the exact state of the individual and intensity of the disorder.

The professional needs to understand whether the individual is suffering from depression or substance abuse. Sometimes, people may also suffer from more than one anxiety disorder. This also makes the treatment procedure, a little complicated.

There are certain steps recommended by the experts to people with panic attack disorder. Following these steps will help overcoming disturbing symptoms and even over-come avoidance of panic attacks.

Before following the steps given below, it is important to remember that avoiding places and situation that leads to occurrence of panic is not recommended. Avoidance tends to stimulate panic development.

Steps to follow:

a) Step one: Prepare a list: You must prepare a list of all types of safety behaviors you can imagine as well as exact reasons for adopting these. Also make a note of what you fear in case, you don’t follow these safety behaviors. 

b) Step two: Rate Behaviors:  You need to rate each of these behaviors on a scale of 1 to 10.

c) Step three: Prepare a list: Now, make a new list again and write down all the items in order of severity. The lowest severe should appear on top.

d) Step four: Rational alternatives: You need to have a look at all your reasons one by one. Now write down alternatives that are more rational. For instance, my heart seems to be fine hence, I can walk a little faster.

e) Step five: Decision to change: You must take the first behavior appearing on your list and try as hard as possible to resist it. Doing this will provide you an opportunity to understand that things are fine around you.

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