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In this article I will discuss spontaneous panic attacks. They occur due to many reasons but most likely happen because of a chemical imbalance somewhere in the body. It could be caused by eating too much or to little or not hydrating enough or too much.It could happen after exercising or after watching a movie. My point is that there isn’t any one reason they occur and there isn’t any place you are safe from them.

All panic attacks are treatable and most can be cured with therapy or medication but even with medication and therapy attacks can occur on occasion. If or when they happen just try to stay calm. It may help to tell yourself “this is a panic attack and i am only feeling this way because I am panicking and when this is over I will feel better”. Repeating phrases like that in your head can be very useful during an attack because it takes your mind off of the attack a little and forces you to realize that you only feel scared because of the chemical imbalance and that when its over you will be better and feel better.

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What to do during an attack
If you panic during an attack it will only make it worse. Talking to friends and family about how to react during one of your attacks will help you and them to feel better. If your are around someone having a panic attack the best thing to do is comfort them and remain calm and keep everyone else calm. If the attack continues to worsen after ten to fifteen minutes then going to the er or hospital may be an option to consider.

Panic attacks are common around the world and are caused by stress and/ or anxiety. If you are around someone you think is having a panic attack here are some signs to look out for.

* Heavy Breathing

* Sweating

* Person has chills or hot flashes

* Accelerated Heart Rate

* Looking Confused

Heavy Breathing could be a sign of many things including hyperventilation which is the most common. Some doctors say to have the person breathe into a paper bag to restore oxygen and co2 levels but it has been proven to actually worsen the situation in people with panic attacks but with hyperventilation it works just fine.

Sweating is another sign that could easily be mistaken for someone that just worked out or went to the beach or something simple that has nothing to do with a panic attack. Just casually ask why the person is sweating and if they answer that they are stressed out then just watch out for them because they may or may not have an attack

Chills or Hot Flashes chills would result in a person feeling clammy if you touch their had or arm and a hot flash would have the opposite effect. In a hot flash the person may appear to have a fever.

Accelerated Heart Rate an accelerated heart rate is just what it sounds like. You may be able to feel the persons heart racing or maybe see a vein pulsing in their neck. Although that could also be from recent exercise just pay close attention to the person

Looking Confused is the best physical sign someone may be on the verge of having an attack. The person may looked dazed for long periods of time. They may look as if they aren’t or can’t pay attention to anything around them.

Look out for these signs it could help you out someday. None of these symptoms alone constitute someone is going to have an attack but if there are multiple symptoms then all you can do is wait and if something does happen just try to stay calm and try to calm them down as well.

Causes of panic attacks include:

* Heredity

* Phobias

* Lack of Assertiveness

* Medications

* Withdrawal

* Chronic Illness

* and other disorders

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