When we think about fear, we know that it is a natural instinct of the humans when we are facing dangerous and threatening situations. The fear will trigger the adrenaline flows that prepare our bodies to fight for our survival or to escape from the danger. This is what normally termed as the fight or flight reaction. This is almost inherent in our normal lives that the reaction will kick in during times of danger or fear of threats. Nevertheless, when this reaction leads to a prolonged state of fear that cannot be removed, it suggests possible panic attacks occur.

What is panic attacks? Panic attacks are marked by persistent and chronic condition of fear and dread. Feeling of fear is itself a natural emotion, however, panic attacks cause fear that is exaggerated and overwhelming that can be provoked in absence of any dangers or threats at all. The attacks cannot be explained in terms of its cause that is, production of adrenaline and changes in hormones that accelerate the body functioning to deal with danger as there are no rational reasons for the occurrence of panic attacks at all. The impact of the attack is severe and hardly anything can stop it from happening.

There are a number of symptoms that can be found in a victim of panic attacks. A racing or pounding heart, difficulty in breathing, feeling as if you are struggling to get air, paralyzing terror, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, trembling, excessive sweating, shaking, choking, chest pains, hot flashes, sudden chills, tingling in your fingers or toes (otherwise called pins and needles) and the overwhelming fear that you are going to die.

In fact, the symptoms mentioned above are the sensations and feelings that one experiences whenever they are facing impending threats or dangers. As reinstated earlier, these symptoms occur to sufferers of panic attacks in circumstances without presence of danger even in safe environment and under no logical explanation. There is no surprise at all that the panic attack can occur even when the victim is at sleep.

It is easy to understand why panic attacks can be so upsetting and life altering because when panic attack happens to a person, there are no means to stop the attack at all as there no early warning signs that can be noted to prevent its occurrence. The feeling of fear and extreme terror and disability together with the intensifying physical reactions stimulated in an environment of disproportionate imbalances of adrenalines and hormones production and flows has to be controlled with various means of treatments alternatives.

The victim of panic attacks suffer enormous amount of terror and fear during the attack and their terrors can be so intense that the attack seems like forever even though only few minutes have passed.

Terror, to the normal people living normal lives, is part and parcel of our lives and the evolution. To victims of panic attacks, they are constantly and relentlessly facing the fear and terror everyday of their lives. There are a great variety of treatment techniques and therapies available in the marketplace for curing the panic attack and disorder. Do not give up on yourself and start visiting professionals to seek treatment and get rid of the panic attack forever for your lifetime.

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