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Nocturnal Panic Attacks Help

 Most everyone has heard of panic attacks, but very few know anything about the panic attacks that happen at night while you are asleep. These are called nocturnal panic attacks. The episodes of panic that happen during the day are bad enough as far as being scary are concerned, but the ones at night are really terrifying. Fortunately, the same panic attacks help works on both the day and the night variety. The best of all the methods that are in use today is hypnotherapy.

 Not Quite As Common

 Nighttime panic attacks are not as common as the others. You wake up quickly from a sound sleep, and you a in a state of deep panic. You are drenched in sweat and finding it difficult to breathe. You feel a sense of impending doom, and you just want to run away from it all. Basically, you have the same symptoms as the regular panic attacks, perhaps a bit worse in intensity. The nocturnal panic attacks seem to last for the same amount of time as well, usually up to about ten minutes. Panic attacks help is really needed for the night time type, and hypnotherapy has been proven to help sufferers with this form of the disorder.

Genetic Link?

Some researchers say that the tendency to have any form of panic attacks can be inherited from a relative. They also pinpoint stress and anxiety as well as hormones as bumping up your chances of suffering with this disorder. At any rate, those who have panic attacks at night have around a fifty percent chance of also having them during the day. It is a good idea if you can manage to get panic attacks help before the attacks get too frequent. Hypnotherapy is the key treatment to get the attacks under control early on.

 No Dreams Here

Thankfully, it is estimated that only about ten percent of all panic attacks will happen at night. However, these attacks have a tendency to be more severe on the person having them. These are not nightmares, nor are they mere dreams.  Sleep studies have been done to show that most nocturnal panic attacks will take place during the early stages of the sleep cycle. You cannot have a nightmare until you are in the second stage of sleep, so that definitely rules out the nightmare theory!

Have No Fear

Do you know what the difference is in someone who still suffers from panic attacks, and someone who does not suffer any longer and can consider themselves cured? The people who say they are cured have learned not to be afraid of the panic attacks any longer. This is one of the things hypnotherapy can do for you, too. It will allow you to reprogram your subconscious mind so that you will no longer fear having a panic attack. Once you do away with the fear factor, you will find that the chance for having a panic attack are just about nil.

Help Is Waiting for You

Panic attacks help from hypnotherapy works best when you seek out this treatment for nocturnal panic attacks as soon as possible after your first attack. But, this does not mean that hypnotherapy will not help you if you have been suffering from daytime or nighttime panic attacks for a long time! It may take a few more sessions for those who have had panic attacks longer, but rest assure, you can most definitely get the help you seek from hypnotherapy!

How Self Hypnosis Can Help

The alternative to seeking direct hypnosis is to use self hypnosis recordings, these have been found to be very useful and you can listen to them at a time of your choice at your own convenience. One fantastic recording written to help you seek freedom from panic attacks is Stop Panic Attacks by Debbie Williams; her decade of experience and vast expertise are clearly evident in this recording and his available, along with a full 60 day money day guarantee, from following this link: Panic Attacks Help - to find out more information on self hypnosis or for other anxiety related recordings, follow this link: Panic Anxiety Attacks

By: Mark C Roberts

About the Author:

Mark Roberts has been personlly and professionally interested in self improvments and hypnosis for many years.


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