Where did this monster living inside you come from? What is happening? Between breathing rapidly and cloudy vision and feeling like your heart is racing so quickly and thumping so loudly, why can’t you understand the cause of all of this? And, what is this tingling in your legs, arms and fingers? And now, your throat feels as if it is closing up, your chest is tightening, and your head is spinning. Usually your mind will wander to the absolute worst conclusions. Plus, there is a scary thought of dying or having a heart attack or stroke. Unfortunately, these are not the only horrible thoughts going through your mind. While these negative thoughts are overtaking the brain, symptoms seem to escalate to the point of shock and horror. These overwhelming emotions have caused lack of concentration and movement, and the only thing logical, at this point, is to escape from these fears and from reality any way possible. The scariest thing of all is that it literally feels as if you are dying.

Once the symptoms pass, and you can breathe easier, and you are still alive, all you can do is hope that these feelings never return again. However, they do come back. This fear of impending doom reoccurs again and again. The thought of experiencing these feelings again petrify you to the point that it is endlessly on your mind. This, in turn, causes you to have more panic attacks. Hence, a never ending vicious cycle occurs!

Panic attacks-the most dreadful word to many who have experienced it. Not only is it frightening, but it is numbing. It is numbing to the point that it has wounded your innermost spirit. Depression sets in and sometimes even suicidal thoughts occur. The hope of ever feeling normal again has vanished. You surround yourself with emptiness and abandon those who care for you, so as not to embarrass yourself. The way you used to experience life has disappeared, now your life is empty. Sadly, your existence has drastically changed to the point you just do not want to remain in this life anymore.

There is hope! You can eliminate these sensations or feelings of impending doom from reoccurring. Hope is what you need to conquer these attacks when they creep up on you. Whether this is your first time researching about panic attacks, or you have been studying them and just want to learn more, you have come to the right place. The purpose of this series of articles is to provide information on the true definition of panic attacks, the many different symptoms and causes, and tips for overcoming and controlling them. Although you may have tried many medicines and different kinds of therapy, and still cannot get a handle on them, read on! Evidently, your feelings of hopelessness are what brought you here to read these articles in the first place. Take a few minutes to learn some valuable information that could possibly change your life!

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