Having a panic attack is a frightening and often harrowing experience for the person experiencing the episode. Especially when panic attacks begin occurring, persons experiencing them might think that they are suffering from some sort of physiological problem. Often times panic attacks will only exhibit a small handful of symptoms and the symptoms might lead a health care professional to believe that a promise is physiological rather than mental.


Some physiological symptoms associated with panic attacks that can be mistaken for physiological problems include difficulty breathing, bowel irritability, nausea, or mental confusion. A person who is experiencing these symptoms may visit their general practitioner with fears that they are suffering heart problems, degenerative mental problems such as Alzheimer, or whatever worse condition that may come to the sufferers mind. The medical professional treating the panic sufferer may not be aware of all of these symptoms and their relation to panic attacks, causing the professional to give incorrect medical advice or render a bad diagnoses.


Even if a panic disorder is correctly diagnosed, it is the tendency of many medical professionals to prescribe medication as a first line of defense, rather than treat the root cause of the panic attack. The panic attack sufferer may very well jump at the hope offered by the medical professional rather than stopping question is, the diagnoses makes sense to them. In an effort to find relief for their problem, they may be taking unnecessary medication that may impair their life or cause them further complications.


For sufferers of panic related illnesses, it is imperative that they deal with the psychological root cause of the problem in addition to seeking relief from physical symptoms. Unfortunately for the sufferer of the panic disorder, it is not uncommon for the doctor treating their physical symptoms to be unfamiliar with the needed counseling aspects of treating the patient, and should the sufferer seek counseling for the problem from a therapist, it is not uncommon for the therapist to be unfamiliar with the techniques that can provide relief of the symptoms experienced by the panic attacks offer.

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