Most disorders are clinically dependent on each other. Hence, there is a possibility of a relationship between panic attacks and menopause. In fact, according to a research, panic attacks and menopause are closely related to each other.

Many people with attacks have a tendency to develop a certain type of chemical imbalance due to the effect of the attacks on their overall bodies.

When a woman undergoes menopause, there is a kind of hormonal imbalance that occurs in the human body. It tends to create a suitable environment where the woman is vulnerable to a number of disorders related to anxiety.

However, every woman with menopause does not face panic attacks. Hence, it should not be made a standard effect.

In order to rule out panic attacks during menopause, it is not necessary to take any medications.

1) Here are certain symptoms shown by women who experience attacks during menopause:

a) Rapid breath and shallowly

b) Breathe with the muscles of the chest, shoulders and neck

c) Do not use diaphragm for breathing

If you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms, it would be best to seek help of a health care practitioner.

Women who experience panic attacks during menopause tend to get more frequent attacks in the long run.

Menopausal attacks may appear as a great shock to woman who have never experienced any sort of anxiety in their lives.

2) The symptoms of menopausal panic attacks starts at the age of thirty five. These can be a symptom for many of the hormonal problems or changes faced by women such as the following:

a) Menopause

b) Premenstrual dysphoric disorder or (PMDD)

c) Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

d) Perimenopause

If an early diagnosis is done, one can get a great relief from panic disorder that result done to menopause. It is very important for peromenopausal women and family physicians to be aware of any possibility of a co-occurring condition such as panic attack.

These days, most adult females are going through or appreciating menopause. Hence, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of menopausal panic attacks.

You need to take preventative measures in this regard. There are several steps to do so. You must go for re-examination of certain medications to hold back panics. You may be required to increase the dosage or change the medications so as to prevent any sort of additional complications.

There are several therapies one can adopt in order to get rid of panic attacks during menopause.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can be extremely beneficial for treating panic attacks during menopause.

There is also cognitive behavioral therapy to eliminate panic attacks. Certain medications are also available for overcoming panic attacks.

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