Most people are not aware whether alcohol and panic attacks have any relationship. However, medical experts have always felt that alcohol consumption usually leads to this. In case, a person is already suffering from panic attack, taking alcohol would make it even worse.

Alcohol is a depressant. People with panic attack are more vulnerable to the effect of these chemicals. When a person drinks during an attack, he or she tends to worsen the condition. Remember that drinking during this condition will never help you in any way. Never assume that drinking alcohol is going to relax an attack.

Most health care professionals fed that mixing panic attacks and alcohol is a bad choice. In case, one does it, the sufferer is going to face bad consequences.

The depressing effect produced by alcohol will lead to frequent attacks that will ultimately enhance the chance of causing depression and causes more problems. In certain cases, large amount of alcohol consumption usually becomes the leading cause of frequent attacks.

Now, most people assume that having just one drink would not make a difference. However, a total no-no for panic attacks should considered to be a ‘no-no’ till the end.

These attacks can be really difficult to handle. So, you need to be very careful while taking precautions.

There is a great connection between depression and alcohol. Here are some of these:

a) In case, you drink too much regularly, you tend to become more depressed and get panic attacks.

b) Regular drinking can leave you tired and depressed. According to a study, it has been proved that alcohol tends to change the chemistry of the brain and enhances the risk of attacks.

c) Many hangovers in a short period of time can result in a cycle of waking up feeling anxious, guilty, in and jittery.

d) Regular drinking would definitely make life more depressing and can lead to poor performance at work, sexual problem, increased family arguments and unreliable memory.

e) In case, you are depressed and not able to sleep, it can lead to an imperative temptation to use alcohol to facilitate sleep. However, drinking alcohol would make the problems worse. It may also make you to get into a habit of regular drinking. This ultimately results in an ongoing cycle of depression as well as drinking.

It is time that drinking alcohol makes one forget his or her problems for a specific period of time. It can also facilitate one to relax and overcome any sign of shyness one may show.

It lets you break the ice easily and get on with a conversation. This can be anywhere inside a club, pub or even at a party.

However, regular drinking of alcohol can result in depression. It results in many mental and health problems a panic attack is one of the major problems one may face due to regular alcohol consumption.

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