If you are wondering what are panic attacks like, then this article may prove to be very useful to you

Panic attacks come without warning. They can occur at anytime and anyplace. Usually they occur without any reason at all. Panic attacks are periods of intense anxiety, fear and discomfort. Normally, you will get a lot of sweat and have rapid heartbeat during panic attack.

People with start wondering – Am I having a panic attack. The confusing thing for many people is the cause of such attacks. Usually it occurs without any trigger or logical reason. The onset of panic attacks may be totally abrupt.

Normal people who never had a panic attack before may suddenly get one while they are engaged in their routine work. It could be in a totally safe setting where there is no danger present. Like, someone could be walking with a friend and all of a sudden get a panic attack.

Panic attacks usually have similar symptoms as that of heart attacks. This can cause confusion to many people. People may initially think that they are having a heart attack. They may rush to see the doctor once panic attack subsides.

Such kind of confusion is very common. Panic attacks can be easily mistaken for heart attacks as both have very similar symptoms. However the good thing is that panic attacks are not dangerous and you may not die from such an attack.

Fortunately, it only feels dangerous whereas in reality, it is not so. It is better to get your heart checked by a qualified doctor in order to rule out heart related ailment. Once heart problem is ruled out and it is confirmed that you are suffering from just panic attacks, you can atleast feel comfortable that it is not a fatal disease.

That does not mean that you should not treat panic attacks. Infact, you should get it treated as soon as possible before it further ruins your life. Till the time you are completely cured of panic attacks, remind yourself constantly that this is not a dangerous disease and you are unlikely to die from panic attacks.

During panic attacks, you should try your best to remain calm and poised. If you can relax and start deep breathing, then much of the panic attack intensity can be reduced. This will help to easily stop panic attacks naturally.

What are good options for panic attacks treatment without medication?

It is recommended to try out any behavorial and cognitive therapies which can help you in overcoming panic attacks and leading a normal healthy life again. You can try out such therapies. It is recommended to try only drug-free therapies as drugs can cause other side effects.

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