Most people often wonder whether there is a connection between panic attacks and depression. Researchers and analysts feel that there is indeed a strong connection between both the conditions.

Here is a detailed description to make you understand better:

First, it has been proved via a research and strong analyze that chronic pain disorder can result into depression. The condition is most common in people who get exhausted easily from the chronic anxiety that accompanies panic attacks.

People who have developed a condition known as agoraphobia to a great extend are know to restrict themselves from socializing, driving or facing challenges of life. Agoraphobia is a condition where on tends to avoid certain activities due to a fear of panic attacks.

When panic attacks results into depression, patients usually complain this to their health care practitioners. They feel that the attack strike first and later comes the depression. They often feel that once they are relieved from panic attack or agoraphobia, they would be automatically relieved from depression.

Such patients would only be relieved when they are treated for panic disorders.

Some experts also feel that depression of an intense degree can give birth to panic attacks. There are people who get affected by depression and panic attacks at the same time. In case, the anxiety element of the depression is strong enough, then it is quite possible that the depression leads to panic attacks.

Under these circumstances, a patient is worried about the problems coming into his life. This leads to several stages of panic attacks. Here, the patient often experience feelings similar to death or going crazy without a specific reasons.

Another possibility is that some people suffer from panic disorder and depression that’s independent of each others. This means that these people may experience panic attacks sometimes when they are not depressed and they can experience a feeling of depression when they are not getting panic attacks.

Most people suffering from panic disorder can experience bouts of panic attacks due to several reasons such as a cold, hangover, depression, lack of sleep etc. This is because they are extremely sensitive to their bodies.

The best thing to do under these situations is to start a treatment that addresses to one’s specific problems. Fortunately, several treatment options are available these days to cure panic attacks and depression. You can purchase a lot of medications such as SSRIs and many more. You can also look forward to have psychotherapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy is great for both panic attack and depression.

The treatment for panic attacks and depression is very effective and widely available. One can choose from a combination of medication, relaxation techniques cognitive behavior therapy and much more.

However, to benefit from effective treatment, one requires to keep tabs on the potential symptoms of panic attacks and depression. This is the only way to treat the condition on time. Once you start the treatment, you will find it really relaxing. You will feel good from within. This is the key to ward off the condition.

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