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Bear in mind that the common symptoms of a panic attack match those of other serious medical conditions, including heart attacks, so be sure it really is just a panic attack. If in any doubt, seek immediate medical treatment.

Here are some practical panic attack treatments that can help alleviate and inhibit panic attacks.

1. Acceptance and acknowledgment – When you know all information about your condition the next obvious step is to acknowledge that you have panic attacks. In this manner, it is easier for you to accept your condition.

2. Staying in the present – Do not be indulge yourself with “What If” thoughts. Keep in mind that you have this condition and the best thing to do is to deal with it pro-actively. Thinking of what might have been does not solve anything.

3. Diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing – This may sound very basic but a number of people do not breathe properly. Some people breathe through their mouths which is a big NO NO. You should breathe through your nose using the diaphragm and abdomen. Inhale and exhale slowly. This actually relaxes the muscles and nerves. Thus, eliminating any symptoms of panic attacks.

4. Lying down – This is a preventive method since it is highly possible that a person suffering from panic attack might faint. This will avoid any serious injuries.

5. Talking to a supportive person – Since panic attacks are mainly caused by anxiety then it is best to talk about your worries or problems to a family member or close friend. It is also best to talk to somebody who has suffered from anxiety attacks. In this manner, best practices will be shared and will be easier to apply in your situation.

6. Going with the flow – Always remember that the panic attack will dissipate in a couple of minutes and will not be lingering for hours. Fighting the symptoms will do more harm to you. Just relax and breathe properly.

7. Keeping a diary – This may sound awkward but it helps a lot in monitoring your panic attacks. This will help you determine what time of the day, what situations or scenarios trigger your panic attacks. This will also help you deal with yourself especially if you already need to consult a physician.

If you have been following the panic attack treatments above and still do not see any improvement, then it is possible that you have a more serious medical condition that needs immediate medical attention.

By: Marty Rubenski

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