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Many of us look at panic attacks or anxiety disorder like looking at an old coin. All we care to see is, if the coin is a quarter or a nickel. We rarely examine both sides of the coin. Our subconscious mind has been programmed and conditioned in this way. For the best natural panic attack treatment, first of all you need to think positively.

Cause of Panic Attack – Negative Thinking Think about a new coin which is just released from the mint. Will you examine both sides closely or even use a magnifying glass to see my details? The message here is the cause of panic attack is we only look at the disastrous side of panic attacks alone. Look at the positive side as well.

Let us illustrate this through a situation. Let’s say the city where you live have just been hit by a powerful earthquake. At the time of the quake, you might have been shocked or stunned. Soon after the quake, your shock subsides. But the thought of an aftershock may have crossed your mind. Then you begin to feel anxious that ultimately leads to an anxiety attack. The thought of an aftershock due to the earthquake makes your knees shake and your forehead sweaty. It gets you all worried. You can feel in your nerves the tingling sensation as if your entire body is revolting against you. All of these may transpire because of the thought of an impending aftershock.

Stop Panic Attack You ask “What’s going to happen next?” It’s going to be terrible and I am so worried of being like one of those victims of the trembler that just hit us? When will the aftershock come, will I be spared from future disasters?” These questions would most likely race through your mind, with one common denominator – they are negatively inclined. You are constantly feeding your brain with negative subliminal messages.

We are not saying this isn’t normal. It’s perfectly normal to think this way. Nobody’s claiming that earthquakes are not frightening. Just the thought of the ground moving when it shouldn’t be can send shivers down the spine.

The right question to ask yourself should be, “What must I do to save myself?” You must find an answer to this question, not only to be saved from an aftershock; you don’t need panic attack treatment, but more importantly, you won’t develop it. If you can save yourself from panic attacks, you can eliminate a lot of problems.

But, just how are you going to do it? For starters, you may overcome panic attacks through the mind. The positive way of thinking is the first and probably the best approach to natural cure for panic attacks. Like a coin, you’ve seen the negative sides of your mind – the consequence or tragedy that an earthquake brings. Now let’s look at the other side of the coin.

Instead of worrying about the harm that an aftershock might bring, think positively. The thought of having survived a powerful earthquake should encourage you to be more confident of surviving an aftershock which is usually of lesser intensity. This thought alone, should be enough to diffuse an anxiety attack. This thought will also prevent future panic attacks or anxiety from setting foot into your mind. It is important to identify the cause of panic attack. Equally important is to think in a positive way. If your mind has room for negative thoughts like doomsday and the like, your mind must also have room for positive thoughts to find ways of preventing or minimizing destruction. Actually, you must find ways for your positive thoughts to dominate your negative thoughts.

To do this, you have to exercise your mind by telling it to “Think positive! Think positive!” If you need help, checkout some resources on subliminal power. In due time, improvements in positive mental attitude will prosper over any negative thoughts. So keep your mind chanting this slogan “Think positive!” whenever you feel an attack coming your way.

Thank you for reading.

By: Ronald Yip

About the Author:

Ronald Yip has been learning and applying intuitive and creative processes in personal, business and community life helping people to change. Visit Self Help Recipe for more info.


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