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If you are going to try herbal remedies for your panic attacks, it is very important that you consider both the disadvantages as well as the advantages of taking these herbal remedies. The FDA does not approve of these herbal remedies but they have been proved not to cause any side effects. These herbal remedies are as effective as the psychotropic medications.

Before you decide on taking these herbal remedies, it is recommended that you discuss it with your doctor. The doctor will for sure put in his or her ideas on it. It is also necessary that your doctor knows the medications that have been prescribed along with the herbal remedies that you will be taking. The herbal remedies that have been prescribed for panic attacks may have interactions with various other medications. These interactions may not allow these medications to work as effectively as otherwise. So this may be a problem for you if you are already taking medical medications for your health. Interaction of these medications may also lead to increasing the side effects you may suffer from.

Keeping you balanced, not making you feel irritable and keeping you and your body calm is what herbal remedies can do to your panic attacks. Certain herbal remedies may be able to help in decreasing you anxiety level when you get anxious or are feeling stressed. The remedies work in a way that is natural but just like the psychotropic medications.

The common herbal remedies are lavender, passiflora and lemon balm for these sorts of attacks. These have been helping many people relax for many a years. These herbs are sometimes mixed with other herbs, but even then the main herbs are those which affect your behavior as well as your mood.

Lemon balm is made use of in teas as well as antibacterial purposes. It is also used for many other purposes. It is a mild sedative which will provide you with a calming effect. This hence, is an herbal remedy for attacks of stress. It also helps with the frequency of the panic attacks.

Lavender helps in healing wounds mainly and also in used for other purposes. Stress and anxiety are also healed by this. It also is helpful is making people fall asleep and help them stay asleep. It helps those people who need a restful sleep at night. Lavender shows reduction in anxiety levels.

Tea is made from passiflora leaves. It is said to be useful for those who are suffering from intense anxiety and insomnia. For those people who are experiencing epilepsy, it helps in reducing the frequency of these epilepsy episodes. This herbal remedy is found to have alkoloids of beta carboline harmala, which are found in anti depressants which are mainly used for panic attacks.

Herbal remedies are easily accessible and are also effective. A prescription is not needed. Herbal remedies do not have as many as side effects as the anti depressant medicines. If you do face any problems or changes in mood or behavior it is necessary that you consult your doctor.

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