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It’s very easy to explain all the different ways you can overcome panic attacks. It is a different thing to actually overcome them yourself. This article will give 10 basic tips which should help you make you panic attack treatment more effective and more likely to be long lasting.

Tip 1 – Admit

Denial will not achieve anything when it comes to overcoming panic or anxiety attacks. You need to let your loved ones know that you suffer from them, and more importantly admit it to yourself.

Tip 2 – Make Yourself Aware

Write down your feelings when you experience an anxiety or panic attack. Having a list will help you prepare and deal with the emotions when the next panic attack happens.

Tip 3 – Write Down Your Fears

Writhe down exactly what you are scared about when it comes to your panic attacks. You may need to think hard, cause the initial fear may be long gone, and all that remains is the panic or anxiety attack itself.

Tip 4 – Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Don’t judge yourself. Many sufferers of anxiety attacks feel pathetic – that they are alone and unable to cope. There are millions of sufferers throughout the US and this is not the case. You will overcome you panic attacks, you just need to be patient.

Tip 5 – Remove The Stress

Can you Remove the stress from your life. Sometimes this is not possible, as it may be something you can not change. But if it is something you can change, then do it.

Tip 6 – Change Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thoughts

Try and listen to your internal conversations. Whenever you have a negative thought enter you head, counter it with a positive twist. This will be hard to do initially, but over time you will be able to train your brain to be more positively.

Tip 7 – Treat yourself.

Always reward yourself for positive achievements. If you manage to control a panic attack then reward yourself to takeaway or an item of clothing. Celebrate in your progress and you will overcome your anxiety attacks more quickly.


I hope these panic attack tips have helped you. You can and will beat your panic attacks, you just need to find an effective treatment which works for you. I urge you to avoid medication as the side effects often outweigh the little benefit they provide – there are some extremely effective natural treatments available.

By: Peter Johnson

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