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My first encounter with a panic attack came at the age of twenty-nine. From what I’ve learned, by talking to other panic attack sufferers, this was later than usual. Most people that I’ve talked to had their first panic attack either in their teens or early twenties.

Mine occurred whilst I was driving to see my parents, one Friday night in June 1985. Thinking back, aside from the usual panic attack symptoms, I think the most terrifying part was that I didn’t have a clue as to what was happening to me. I’d never, up to that point, experienced anything so intense and frightening.

I have heard that some people suffer one isolated attack and then it goes away forever. This wasn’t to be in my case, after that first incident, I started having panic attacks very frequently whilst travelling and this led me to developing a phobia toward any form of transport.

I searched for many years, for a panic attack treatment that would eliminate these attacks, and subsequent anxiety, from my life but to no avail. Everything I tried, and believe me I tried so many things that I can barely remember most of them, either did nothing or made my condition worse.

About nineteen years after that first panic attack, whilst surfing on the Internet, I came across The Linden Method. At first, I was very sceptical, after experiencing so many past disappointments, but after thoroughly reading about the twelve month guarantee and the twelve month support offered I figured that I had nothing to lose and so I went ahead and bit the bullet.

What happened next I will remember to my dying day. By the time I’d finished reading the manual, I could feel my anxiety starting to slip away and I knew that I was on the road to recovery. Better yet, when I’d finished listening to the audio on eliminating panic attacks, I knew that I would never experience another panic attack, ever again.

Panic attacks take control of your life and, if you’re like I was, leave you feeling pretty much worthless. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can say goodbye to your panic attacks starting now by going to my panic attack blog.

By: Steve Baker

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