Panic attacks affect almost 20% of the American population, for this reason finding a panic attack cure can be a little daunting. If you are anything like me you probably feel like you have tried everything out there, but there are some completely medication free programs which are changing people’s lives and helping them rid themselves of panic attacks for good. Here is my take on them…

Easy Calm

Jon Mercer created this course as a side to his full time duties he serves as a panic attack coach. His work takes him across the globe and he certainly has some credentials to back himself up with. Jon’s course is pretty much 100% video based – which will definitely appeal to some, but perhaps not others. Those who prefer reading material might want to consider the other products. A good perk is that you can download the first video tutorial free of charge, which will give you a fair indication on whether it will work for you. I personally tried the course and found it a little difficult to follow – but hey that’s just me.

Linden Method

The Linden Method creator Charles Linden was a long time sufferer of panic attacks and specifically Agoraphobia. His condition was serious and lasted for almost 8 years – he was completely housebound and unable to hold down a job. As a result was born this course which has already transformed the lives of thousands. The content of the course has a scientific approach and focuses on why panic attacks occur, and which parts of the human body control them. Like Easy Calm this course will appeal to some, but not everyone. If you have a ‘logical’ mind and can see things as ‘black or white’ then you should definitely give it a go. Personally I found it pretty straight forward, and the amount of materials made it great value.

Panic Away

Panic Away was created by Joe Barry – an evangelist in the area of curing panic attacks. His credentials speak for themselves and his unique approach has helped thousand upon thousand people beat their panic attacks across the globe. So what is so unique about this course? Joe focuses heavily on the role of ‘fear’ in panic attacks – in that it is fear itself which perpetuates panic attacks. If you can get to the cause of the fear, and understand what is triggering it, you can overcome panic and anxiety attacks for good. Another unique benefit of the course is that users receive the ‘one move’ technique audio recording. This audio recording will help you stop a panic attack, when you begin feeling the symptoms. I personally found this course really useful – there were not as many materials as the other courses, but the quality an approach is most certainly in a class of its own.


Finding a panic attack cure can sometimes fell like finding a needle in a haystack. It will depend on your symptoms and how your mind essentially works. I feel therapists will often too readily recommend medication, when there are natural cures and approaches that will be far more effective.

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