Panic attacks are common and most people who suffer from it undergo a variety of emotions within their hearts.

However, the most unfortunate factor is that some people don’t know whether they have experienced a panic attack. This is because they don’t have a clue about the potential symptoms of this serious disorder. According to a research, it has been proved that an average person usually experience at least one panic attack in their life time.

If one has the will power and the strength to overcome the anxiety and panic attacks, it is easy to cope up with this condition. The good news is that yes, one can easily cope up with this disease.

First and foremost, you need to understand the symptoms of this disease. Once you learn the symptoms, it would be quite easy for you to cope up with this disease.

Now, this doesn’t indicate that the individual is caught in the web of panic attack or disorder. However, it is very important for one to know about the primary symptoms of panic attacks. This will help you a lot in identifying whether you are suffering from one.

A panic attack is often referred to as the flight or fight mechanism. This means that your body’s reaction to a particular situation your mind perceives as stressful and needs instant resolution and action.

This also indicates that you have to leave it via solving it or running away from it. Your survival is instigated by the same reaction that results in high stress times. In case, the same reaction triggers at wrong times, it results in panic attack.

There are several symptoms of panic attack. One of the main symptoms is tightness in your chest. This can make you believe that you are having a heart attack.

In case, you experience this type of an attack, contact a doctor on an immediate basis. The doctor will recommend you to have certain medical exams.

Now the question is, how to identify whether you are having a panic attack. Most people feel tightness in their chest. However, there are several symptoms that indicate a panic attack. However, each symptom varies from one person to other.

Here is a list of certain distinguishing factors that define a panic attack:

a) Enhanced heart rate

b) Minor delusions

c) Rapid breathing

d) Nausea

e) Profuse sweating

f) Dizziness; Light headedness

g) Overwhelming feeling of dread or fear or panic

h) Increase in body temperature

i) Unfounded fear towards random objects or events

j) Tingling in one or both arms and/or the tips of the fingers.

The symptoms of panic attacks can be really daunting. However, the individual who is experiencing the combination of the panic attack symptoms mentioned above, needs remember that these feeling would not last for a long.

Remember that the panic attacks are only for a short period of time. The body is able to maintain this reaction any for about fifteen minutes.

Hence, the experts have come to a conclusion that the panic is in the patients’ mind and not time. The whole experience may be overwhelming but it will not last for the whole day. It is hard to experience these symptoms. However, you would not die. You would definitely experience a relief soon.

Overall, what’s important is to learn certain symptoms of panic attacks so that you can get timely treatment.

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