It is easy to see that the mind can control and to some extent control the functioning of the body. Some go further and say that the body is completely controlled by consciousness. But it is not so easy to understand how thought operates by external circumstances and decides whether they lead to the success or failure.

Here we stopped to ask a question: if the circumstances are not determined by reason, then what are they in such a case are determined? Some would say that the circumstances are determined by events. But what are the events? Are they a cause or consequence? Of course, they always are a consequence. All that we see is a consequence. Consequence – this is what arises from reason, and we are studying only the cause of phenomena, the consequences do not arise by themselves, and take their place according to the action of the mind, that is the cause.

If it does not conform to your way of thinking, then start over and realize that there is invisible and silent cause standing behind all the visible. In your life you are the cause. There is nothing but Mind, and not a stir, yet will not mind anything in motion. We have already agreed that, although God is Love, yet our lives are strictly controlled by reason or law. We ourselves are the cause of the circumstances of our lives, and nothing will budge, until our minds do not do it.

The activity of the mind manifests itself in thought. We always act as we always think. All the time we attract something to us, or push something away. Usually people are not aware, however, ignorance of the law does not relieve us from its consequences.

“So what – asks someone – did I think about failure and want it?” Of course not. It would be foolish to want to fail. However, according to the law which cannot be denied, you must have thought something like this, which led to failure. Perhaps you thought that bad luck can come, or some other way gave it to enter into your mind. Pondering again and again the root cause of all things, you find that are surrounded by Reason or Law, which returns I think all of your thoughts. If it were not so, then people might not be a person. Be a person means to have a chance to think what you want. If every thought has an impact on our lives, there must be something that performs it. Some people are constrained and limited in their capabilities because of our ignorance. This pattern is sometimes called the law of karma which binds the ignorant and the wise exempt.

We live in the mind, and it returns to us only what we send to it with the help of our thought. Whatever we were doing. The law will apply. If we think of ourselves as poor and miserable, the law remains nothing but to make us who we are. Maybe at first it’s hard to grasp, but the truth always will open to the seeking person, the law could not act otherwise. All that we think is a drawing, and the mind is the builder.

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