How often do your dream? What are you dreaming about?

Many people are afraid to dream, mistakenly believing that dreams can tear them away from reality. It is not. On the contrary, dreams help to make this world more real.

A dream is the place where we can safely experiment with your lives. It is in dreams we try on new roles and events. Trying a role and having lived a specific event, it becomes clear to us that we will like, and what we won’t. Giving dreams, we more clearly understand our desires and needs. Aware of your needs, you make your life more consciously, you have less and less a state of “I want something but I do not know exactly what.” You do not go to bouts of vague dissatisfaction with life. In turn, realizing your wishes, you are able to eliminate the cause of dissatisfaction. In other words, understanding their desires, you can fill your life with joy and peace of mind.

During your dreams your real dream is born. That is the dream that is able to conquer countries and continents, to raise man above the clouds and explore uncharted depths, inspiring one and all to the most ambitious and courageous feats. DREAM, which fills all your thoughts and your life. DREAM makes sense of all your actions and your whole life.

Why do so many people spend their whole lives searching for meaning in life – they have forgotten how to dream! Unfortunately, over the years, we lose this ability.

Dream is the lodestar of human life!

Exercise: “My Dream”

You will need 15-20 minutes of free time.

Condition number 1: maximum concentration on this wonderful exercise. Do not get distracted.

Try to time this exercise to forget your everyday problems and everyday issues.

Take a comfortable position and release your thoughts into free flight, that they freely come and freely leave your consciousness. Let your inner critic and a skeptic to being “turned off”.


- about what you dreamed in your childhood;

- About what you want the most;

- How do you see your life in the ideal;

- Where and who you would like to work;

- What would you do, with unlimited opportunities;

- How would you like to see yourself in 10 years if you could implement all of your dreams?

Condition number 2: Completely surrender your dreams. Turn off your inner critic, that all ideas “approve” the reality or feasibility. This critic prevents you and your achievements. Allow yourself to dream!

Condition number 3: During the dream, try to specify your dream. If this is a work – then what kind of. If this is the car, house, vacation – where. Dream about yourself and the benefit to yourself.

Condition number 4: Do this exercise regularly! In the transport. In the shower. During the meal …

What gives us the dreams?

In dreams we are opening ourselves and our preferences. In dreams we delineate our desires. We can transfer desires to the aspirations and goals. What could be more grateful than the realization of your goals?

Purposeful man is free from the melancholy and depression. He had no time!


Dream ==> Desire ==> goal ==> Life is full of sense!

Dream is the basis of a happy life.

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