One of the laws states: “The external reflects the internal. By our behavior we create our own world with its thoughts and emotions“. It turns out that any of our desire to be immediately implemented. Especially you have already learned how to formulate your goals. Why is it not so in real life? Why are we always faced with some obstacles?

And what kind of obstacles are they? What could stop us to become closer to the cherished goal? It turns out – it’s all the same our negative thoughts and negative attitudes. Some we have received since childhood. Others have adopted much later. These thoughts create blocks in our body some stress and interfere with the life energy to flow freely through us.

Hostile attitude toward the world is the cause of tension. Once you are freed from the negative beliefs, the speed of your thought increases. Barriers no longer exist. And you can easily reach your goal.

As you already knew all the obstacles are within us.

And the most important obstacle is fear. Almost every one of us has any fear. Some – explicit (psychiatrists are called them phobias), others – hidden (it’s the anxiety and restlessness). Therefore, if the realization of your intentions is retarded, just look within fear in yourself.

You ask yourself this question: “What an unpleasant could happen if my intention would exercise?” You send the question to your future, and it, as a scout, tracks down all your fears, anxieties and worries.

And here’s how to get rid of fear?

Let me remind you that the fears are generated by our aggression, hostility to the outside world, and therefore the most effective remedy for any fear is love and purity of thoughts.

Another great obstacle is our doubts and uncertainties. They can appear at any stage. Do not be afraid to doubt. Doubt is our ally. It strengthens our faith.

When you want to delete some information in the computer, it asks you: “Are you sure you want to delete this file in the trash?” This is how our subconscious works. And it makes perfect sense. Imagine that for a long time you had some strong convictions. And suddenly you decide that it bothers you and you want to replace it with another, a new and positive. And then the subconscious mind is sending you to doubt that asks you: “Are you sure that it is necessary to you? After all, I have to change something in my life. And maybe leave it as before? Well, think about why do you need it all! Are you sure that you need to change old beliefs with new ones, and even if it is positive? After all, we lived with you and with the old beliefs, and we are still alive. ”

And so it all depends on your reaction.

First choice: You can listen to frightening voices of doubt and retreat to the old positions. Thus you miss your chance to change your life. This version is a sign of weakness.

Another option: to listen to doubt, to thank it, to strengthen your faith and reaffirm your willingness to change. This version is a manifestation of the Force.

Just remember! Your decision should be free from fear and ambition.

Usually doubt points to the fact that you have missed anything during the formation of your intentions. Therefore, check the wording. Take care of the environment of your thoughts.

Or maybe you’re afraid of change? Or deny the positive experience of the past. Or do not believe in the forces.

In general, learn to relate to the limitations as to the good. Do not be afraid of them. Think of them with joy. They make your life more interesting. They temper our spirit and will, expand the mind and sharpen it.

As soon as an obstacle appears in your way, salute it and say to yourself: “Perfectly! I have the opportunity to learn something new. «When you overcome an obstacle, then get stronger, it gives you its power. Gradually, you learn how to overcome them easily.

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