Natural Cures For People With Panic Attacks.

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Natural Cures For People With Panic Attacks.

You may be suffering from anxiety attacks and you are taking a lot of different anti anxiety medications. You may not like the way they make you feel. There is a more natural cure for anxiety attacks.

One of the most natural cures for anxiety attacks is drinking water. This may seem like a simple solution but when you consider how important water is for proper body functioning. Just about every body process uses water. When you are dehydrated, you put extra stress on your body. This stress can lead to anxiety attacks.

About seventy five percent of Americans do not consume enough water. In about thirty-seven percent of Americans,they mistake water pains for hunger pains.

Your metabolism can be slowed down by 3% due to improper water level in the body.

If you drink water, you can almost eliminate hunger cravings at night. The lack of proper hydration is the #1 cause of fatigue during the day.

An easy natural cure for anxiety attacks is making sure you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. This reduces the stress your body is under and reduces possible triggers to anxiety attacks.

In addition to food, what you eat is also another thing to consider as a natural cure for anxiety attacks. Joe Barry states that most people have an acidic diet. This type of diet can exacerbate your anxiety attacks. He suggests a more alkaline diet in order to balance your body. When your body is out of balance and acidic this can create stressors on your body. These stressors can increase your threshold to have an anxiety attack. The acidic foods he suggests you avoid as a natural cure for anxiety are dairy products, nuts, alcohol, sugar, grains, and salt. The following foods are alkaline and should be increased in your diet: fruits, vegetables, and juices.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, it is suggested that you get the proper amount of minerals in your diet as a natural cure for anxiety attacks. The improper balance of minerals can also lead to and acidic Ph in the body. Minerals buffer the body and helps maintain a more neutral Ph. Foods or vitamin supplements should be used daily to ensure the proper intake of minerals. Specifically the following nutrients should be consumed: B complex, flaxseed oil, colloidal minerals, adrenal concentrate,and desiccated liver. These nutrients help balance your adrenal glands and keep them functioning properly. It is adrenalin that causes anxiety attacks and so properly functioning adrenal glands are paramount in a natural cure diet.

Magnesium, potassium, and Sodium are micronutrients that are important in balancing Ph and the adrenal glands and proper amounts should be consumed daily to help keep the autonomic nervous system from going into high alert, which occurs during an anxiety attack.

There is a natural anxiety attack treatment that includes what is called the One Move.In it, you actually call for the anxiety attack to escalate during the attack, rather than trying to suppress it. This anxiety attack treatment may fly in the face of logic, but it works.

The One Move technique takes a very unique approach. Instead of trying to engage the anxiety attack, you allow it to use it energy to wear itself out. You sit as an observer first. You may begin with simple symptoms such as an increased heart rate or a tightening in the chest. As it progresses you do not seek to control it. Instead you sit back and observe.

As it peaks, you actually ask for more. You demand that you feel more of the anxiety attack. This treatment for an anxiety attack may not seem like it would work, but it does. As you deflect the blows of the anxiety attack and ask for more, its strength begins to diminish. The more you ask for, the less it will have to deliver.

Eventually the anxiety attack will have lost off its strength and it will retreat. As you go through this process, you will gain confidence and feel like you will have more control through noncontrolling means.

You should never stop taking medications without consulting your doctor first. The natural cures suggested here, used in tandem with medications can facilitate greater control over your anxiety attacks. In addition, over time they can reduce or even eliminate your need for anti anxiety medications entirely.

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