Panic attacks can happen for many reasons. For some people, a stressful or traumatic experience as a child can trigger panic attacks. There are some who experience such extreme anxiety that they are unable to think clearly or function normally when the feelings hit them. Emotional problems, stress or anxiety can also trigger panic attacks.

The good news is this: medications are not required to cure panic attacks. There are methods to follow to cure panic attacks in a wholesome, natural way. Although there are those who choose the route of medication or drugs to cure their symptoms, the panic attacks may not cease altogether if the root of the problem is not addressed. Medications can sometimes simply mask the problem instead of solving it. Unfortunately, many become addicted to the very drugs that are supposed to help them overcome or cure their panic attacks. One problem might seem better, but another has developed.

You’ve heard it before, balance is key in our lives. Proper diet, daily exercise and healthy habits are essential for keeping our bodies and minds in tip-top shape. Curing panic attacks is no different. When we allow panic attacks to rule our lives, other areas are neglected, such as proper nutrition and exercise.

Caffeine can be problematic for a lot of people, even when they don’t suffer from panic attacks. Those who do however, are more prone to the effects of caffeine. Avoid coffee, sodas, caffeinated herbal teas, energy drinks, and alcoholic beverages. These cause the heart to increase its palpitations and can cause a panic attack. Keep track of what you are eating as much as possible so you can possibly pinpoint what foods might be triggering a panic attack. Once those foods are identified, stay away from them and make other healthy choices.

Stay active! Walking, swimming, dancing, strength training, jumping rope or just playing soccer in the back yard with your children will have great benefits to your overall health and physical and emotional well-being. It’s all connected! If exercising daily is a challenge for you, find a friend to exercise with you and then keep each other accountable. Exercise as a family by taking hikes together or simply by taking a bicycle ride on the local bike path. Anything we do physically will help to prevent and eventually cure panic attacks altogether.

Are you a smoker? Try to quit completely. Even though many people who smoke will tell you that smoking helps them relax, studies have shown there is no relation between smoking and relieving panic attacks. Plus, your body benefits immensely too!

Proper rest is vital to keeping our minds and bodies healthy. Everyone is different as far as how much sleep they need. However, it is recommended for most to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night in order to refresh our minds and bodies. If you are exhausted, everything else in your life is affected, so make sure to allow time for sleep, no matter what projects need to be completed.

Contrary to popular belief, when you are in the middle of a attack, do not sit down. When you are in an attack, you are experiencing an adrenaline rush. What you should do at this point is burn off the adrenaline by exercising. You should move around in some way; perhaps take a walk. People who exercise daily recover more quickly in anxious situations than do those who only exercise when they experience an attack.

When you experience a panic attack you hyperventilate. You need to try your best to take deep breaths. Try keeping your shoulders straight and breathing from the diaphragm. Slowly expand and contract your stomach breathing in and out. Natural medicines are very valuable to know if you are a sufferer of frequent panic symptoms or you know someone who is.

Another method is counting backwards from one hundred. This takes your attention off the actual panic attack and helps you to focus your attention on something else; therefore, you aren’t concentrating on fighting the actual attack.

Other natural methods to consider would be aromatherapy and decaffeinated chamomile tea before bed. A daily intake of vitamins such as vitamin B, magnesium and calcium has been shown to calm the nervous system and help to cure panic attacks. Don’t forget your minerals which are also important for overall health.

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