Panic attacks are a common ailment. Millions of people all over the world suffer from various levels of panic attacks. You are not alone. Panic attacks are basically periods of intense fear or anxiety brought about by our reactions to various social and environmental stimuli.

These attacks are not usually evidence of physical medical conditions unless the represent the symptoms of chemical imbalances or more prominent psychological disorders. If you have any questions about whether more serious medical conditions may exist, consult a physician. In these cases, symptoms are often controlled by anxiety medications or anti-depressants.

What Are Panic Attacks?
In most cases, panic attacks are nothing more than an overreaction to our environment and are not dangerous. Medication is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Your body will use medications as a crutch to deal with normal life and can easily become dependent on them. Fortunately, we can learn to control and even stop panic attacks naturally.

Like I mentioned, panic attacks are usually caused by social anxieties. We encounter a situation that prompts feelings of fear, paranoia or stress. The body and mind begin to overreact to the situation and the state that we commonly refer to as “panic” follows.

In this state of panic, the body displays classic symptoms of stress and anxiety but at higher than normal intensity. Adrenaline begins to flood the bloodstream, the heart races and other uncomfortable symptoms may present themselves as well. Often, people who have experienced panic attack have expressed what they felt as the most extreme fear that they have ever experienced. Some of these people even felt as if they were have a heart attack and were afraid that they were dying. There is no question that these attacks are very intense and frightening but remember that they are nothing but an overreaction and are not generally dangerous.

Controlling Panic Attacks
To control or stop panic attacks from occurring regularly in your life, it is important to increase your over-all sense of self confidence and social comfort levels. Improve your overall sense of security and social confidence by practicing confidence building exercises on a regular basis. Common stress management techniques are helpful here as well.

To develop your self confidence and become resistant to panic attacks, it is also extremely important to strengthen yourself physically through regular sleeping habits, nutrition and exercise. Eat healthy foods on a regular basis and avoid substances that have a tendency to elevate heart rate or increase anxiety. Common examples include stimulants such as caffeine, nicotine or even excessive intake of sugar.
Exercise needs to be regular. There is really no way around it. Your body needs routine exercise in order to be strong. This exercise does not need to be intense but it needs to be often. As long as we avoid this reality, we will be plagued by all sorts of unwanted ailments and health problems. So take some vitamins and jog around the block every day or every other day. You’ll live a lot longer and stronger.

Stop An Attack
Remember that a panic attack is nothing more than your reaction. It only takes a few minutes for your body to elevate your levels of adrenalin and it only takes a few minutes to lower them as well.

When an attack is beginning, recognize it for what it is. You are not dying. You are simply having an episode of high anxiety. Begin to calm yourself by first clearing your mind. Now use deep breathing techniques to relax your body and mind. Focus on taking deep slow powerful breaths. Did I say “slow?” I meant slow. Focus on slow. Next, stop all negative thinking. No one is going to hurt you. You are not dying. The danger that you fear does not exist. Replace those fears or negative ideas with positive ones by using positive statements. Tell yourself aloud and boldly that you are okay. “I am fine.” “Nothing is going to happen to me.” This will be over in less than a few minutes.”

Last but not least, accept your feelings. There is nothing wrong with you. You are experiencing a very common ailment that can be easily controlled with consistent effort.

I hope you found this information helpful. Keep working on it. Learn how to be confident and you can take charge of your emotions and take back control of your life. Find out how assertiveness skills can help you accomplish your goals as well.

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