Increasingly becoming anxious and also having panic attacks, should not be anything to be embarrassed about. We can’t always be held responsible for each of our emotions. Emotions are usually triggered simply by our very own individual reaction to a person or situation we are faced with. The thing we all are responsible for, will be the decisions that we take or deeds we do; from those feelings.

If you intend to learn how to cure panic attacks then you first will need to understand what your hot triggers are and in what situations your hot triggers are generally triggered.

The “hot” system, or section of your mind which fires off emotions with the smallest trigger, is liable for those emotions. A cigarette smoker becoming confronted by other folks lighting up a cigarette can fire off their “hot” system to smoke cigarettes; standing on a deserted platform late at night while footsteps can be heard will certainly fire off our own “hot” system to safeguard ourselves plus some people may have their own “hot” systems fired off by just spiders or perhaps clowns. Each individual has their particular “hot” emotions to particular people, particular scenarios and specific triggers. This specific “hot” system is designed to defend you or cause you to feel much better. It’s a very quick response to face what you are perceived as being faced with “right now”.

Anxiety and panic attacks are generally exactly what the body does if it is faced with a perceived threat and goes into its “hot” survival mode. You could possibly feel your heart race, you could feel clammy, flushed, stressed, shaky, tearful, and several other symptoms. Talk with your own medical expert to get a complete medical diagnosis.

The really great news is that our own mind also offers a “cool” system. This system operates upon common sense and rational thinking. An ex-smoker uses this particular section of the mind to “cool” the “hot” system which gives us the impulse for the next smoke. The “cool” system will certainly consider health, monetary benefits and personal hygiene benefits and will gradually override the “hot” system if you help it to.

This specific exact same “cool” system will allow you to override the “hot” system that causes your own panic attacks.

You will need time for your “cool” system to be able to override the “hot” system, but with practice this can be a lot quicker and also easier until it becomes automated and you barely have to think about it.

When you learn how to ride a bicycle it took lots of thought as well as focus however with practice you hardly have to think about it at all, the whole procedure becomes automatic so even though riding you can think about what you want for lunch. If you asked a learner cyclist what they want for dinner they will almost certainly fall into the hedge.

Together with thought, practice and the methods for setting up and ultizing a “cool” system for your brain you are able to learn how to deal with panic attacks and begin to cope with your own anxiety attacks and enjoy life once more.

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