Kava Kava is used as a non-prescription natural herb by some people for anxiety relief. The roots of the Kava Kava plant when processed, produce a mild narcotic effect. This is something to consider with this herb, especially when other prescription drugs are being taken. Kava Kava roots are harvested in the tropical regions of the world.

Kava Kava produces produces “mild euphoria and relaxation”. A potent drink results causes a faster onset. The user’s eyes may become sensitive to light, they soon become sleepy and then have deep, dreamless sleep within 30 minutes. Sleep is often restful and there are pronounced periods of sleepiness correlating to the amount and potency of kava consumed. After waking up the drinker does not experience any mental or physical side effects as you can with alcohol or drugs. This Kava kava induced sleep has been reported as extremely restful and the user often wakes up more stimulated than he or she normally would (though too much consumption of a powerful potency brew has been known to cause sleepiness into the next day). Higher doses can cause deep dreamless sleep, however, it is reported that many people experience lighter sleep and rather vivid dreams after drinking just moderate amounts of Kava Kava.

A moderately potent Kava Kava drink can take effect in as little as 20–30 minutes, The effects could last for about two and a half hours, but sometimes can be felt for up to eight hours. Some people claim longer term effects that last up to two days after taken, the effects experienced in moderate doses include a feeling of mental clarity, patience, and an overall sense of well being! The effects of kava are sometimes compared to alcohol, or a large dose of diazepam.

In my personal experience of drinking tea made from Kava Kava is that I do experience a profound effect of relaxation. I feel more alert and conversative. Sometimes there is a mild sense of euphoria, but mainly a great sense of relaxation. I experience almost no anxiety symptoms after drinking a cup or two of Kava Kava! After drinking three or four brewed cups of Kava Kava I have experienced sleepiness and it does seem that my sleep is deeper and more refreshing. Other effects from Kava Kava are a slight numbness of my lips and tongue. It is not an unpleasant effect. It does signal that the tea is taking effect.

A lot of people who experience anxiety and depression try to mask the pain by abuses of alcohol and drugs. Alcohol was my method of self medication. Kava Kava has actually helped me to stop abusing alcohol especially in the week or so after stopping alcohol. Kava Kava did not replace one fix for another as I do not drink it daily, just on occasion. I find that it is not addictive nor do I crave it.

As I am not a physician I urge that caution is advised when taking this treatment, especially if you are taking sleeping medications, if you are pregnant or are breast feeding. Also note that there are significant interactions with many commonly prescribed medications. although Kava Kava is not regulated in The US and has a long history of being safe for physically healthy people, please ask your doctor for advice!

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