While panic attacks have many symptoms, sometimes the panic attacks themselves are just a symptom of something larger that is going on inside the body. Some problems that are believed to display panic attacks as a symptom are hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, labrinthitis, post-traumatic stress disorder, and pheochromocytoma. In addition to these, there is evidence that panic disorders may be hereditary and co-existant with bipolar disorder. A hereditary condition is not a given however and many people develop panic disorders through substance abuse, weight problems, or depression.

Because of the seriousness of these conditions, it is extremely important that a sufferer of panic attacks consult with their physical and mental health professionals on a regular basis and keep good records. Unfortunately, some estimates state that 90% of panic sufferers do not seek help for their condition. They prefer to deal with their disorder alone rather than face the possibilty that there could be something more serious going on. Unfortunately, many of these people self-medicate by abusing alcohol and drugs, substances which can actually trigger or enhance panic disorders.

Isolation is not the solution however. Even if a more serious, underlying condition exists, there is no certainty that they cannot be treated with lifestyle changes. Hypoglycemia and weight problems can both be cured through changes in eating habits. Drug usage can be treated through addiction recovery centers and a period of drying out that, while difficult, is not permanent. Even if the underlying condition requires medication, implementing lifestyle changes may help the severity of those conditions and positively contribute to a higher quality of life.

There are options, but help can only come by taking the first step. Begin making lifestyle and nutritional changes that can benefit your body and mind. Contact a doctor or work with a counselor to address any underlying mental issues that may be a factor. Begin the healing by taking control of your panic and stop letting your panic control you. When you take that step, panic self help has truely begun.

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