What is the thought and can it materialize? It is a debatable, but interesting question. Thought is a part of human consciousness, without which consciousness would be dead. Think means to revive, enhance, or conversely, destroy, denigrate your mind. Note that we think about the good – a mood rises. Think about the poor – get depressed and melancholy. All this is understandable. And since thoughts are on our mental state, the question arises: is it possible to build your future and get the desired result with the help of ideas?

Imagine a person thinks about how he could rest on the sea after years of monotonous work, but he has no money. But thoughts are flying to the warm beach! And someone lends the money to a good man, and, escaping from everyday routine, he goes to the sea. Sees the sea and realizes that all his thoughts are cling to his feet, rustling sea waves, and he can touch them. Here it is materializing! But what will it take? Will there be enough of a desire and thoughts?

Sometimes it is enough. Yet it is desirable to have a clear idea of what you want. If it is the rest then it should be affordable. You can dream about a luxurious holiday, but the dream differs from the thoughts, they are unhinged from reality and therefore they are usually unenforceable.

That there would not say esoteric, magicians and psychologists about the power of thought; it is powerless, if we depart from reality. Reality is a strict thing, almost like a mathematician. Not everyone can to ‘bend’ it for himself, so thought should be brought under the standard of reality.

In many books, which gives advices on “self-improvement and healing” there is one mistake. Look in the mirror and say “I’m beautiful!” – It does not mean to be beautiful in a completely mediocre appearance. This means to find the strength to admit that “I am beautiful in its own way” and learn to live with it.

The same should apply in the case when it comes to happiness, health, relationships with people. Do not think that any; even the crazy idea should materialize.

Sobriety is needed in anything. It is possible that all our thoughts are eligible for materialization. But time is running, it changes everything, and what now seems an urgent need, tomorrow it will be unnecessary. Maybe that’s why almost all religions of the world call to tame your thoughts, do not load them with unnecessary details.

And if so, if any our thought can be material, then the responsibility for our thoughts should be extremely high.

And if the thought is material, it can bring both benefit and harm. It is easy to imagine about what the most odious villains thought, the result of their mental activity speaks for itself. Evil in the world does not exist; the evil people generate their own thoughts and deeds. But how do we want to believe that the thoughts of love, happiness and joy in one day will materialize into love, happiness and joy!

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