This is a big question on many peoples mind and is actually a very common concern. This is because the symptoms of both a panic attacks and a heart attacks are very similar.

To start of, we need to first understand what are the causes of a panic attack. You will find that anxiety is common in every single panic attack. The important factor is exactly how people deal with it that matters. An individual will experience the feeling of being overwhelmed and feel like they are losing control of themselves and this is what will bring on a panic attack.

As soon as you start to have a panic attack, you will also start to experience symptoms of anxiety like having a shortness of breath, your heart will be racing, you will get cold sweats and sometimes it will get so bad that you start vomiting and experience uncontrollable shakes. You will be overwhelmed by a feeling that you have absolutely no control over what is happening to you.
This is a very scary experience and you should be able to easily imagine what a person suffering from panic disorder is going through. The trigger for a panic attack can come from anything. It is usually something that the individual fears or could be triggered by something a person is constantly worrying about. It can be a fear of flying and as you enter the plane a panic attack can start or it can be a fear of crowds so as soon as you enter the mall you can start to get a panic attack.

Panic attacks are often caused by phobias. You might be scared of spiders and find yourself in a situation where you get a panic attack or freeze up and not being able to move as soon as you encounter one. This can be phobias of any kind, whether it is spiders, snakes or other animals, or something like confined spaces or having to talk in front of small groups or people. Because we are all individuals, nearly anything can set of a panic attack. Everyday life affects everyone in a different manner and just the thought of not being able to pay your bills can set off a panic attack.
Unfortunately, people who have never experienced panic attacks don’t fully comprehend them and end up ridiculing those that do suffer from them as they just don’t realize how traumatic going through one of these can be and what impact it can have on a persons life and health.

To answer the question whether it is a panic attack or heart attack, it is really difficult to distinguish between the two. Panic attacks and heart attacks have a lot of the symptoms that are very common in both conditions. If you know that you suffer from panic attacks, you can feel a little more confident that you are not having a heart attack, but it is always best to play it safe and see your doctor immediately to make sure that you are not in any serious danger.

Various treatments for anxiety and panic attacks are available; they range from natural home remedies to prescribed medication. The advantage of panic attacks are that they can be treated and cured permanently and with not great difficulty.

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