Modern fashion, in particular handbags and shoes, diverse and constantly changing, even in a circle, but the same in all ages, one thing remains: women’s clothing, women’s footwear and accessories must be of high quality and emphasize the dignity and individuality of the owner. About the fashion world can say: it was all – last year or the beginning of the century. But technological progress gives rise to the appearance of something new, for example, the invention of mobile phones and laptops resulted in a design of cover for phones and laptop bags. These covers are made of various materials – leather, suede, denim and other fabrics, decorated with sequins, rhinestones, beads. Also, the original decision – woven blankets of coarse natural fibers, decorated with wooden and ceramic beads.

Bags for laptops are also varied in execution. This may be a strict leather briefcase classic black or brown on a long strap with metal clasps. Or soft suede bag with decorative seams of contrasting yarn, or textile backpack with beads and appliques, or a bag of fur and a long nap – fancy designer is not limited to the functionality of this accessory. Inside the bag there may be many branches and pockets – pens, for documents, folders, mobile phones and … well you never know what else you may need at any time.

For sewing handbags different materials are used – artificial leather, woven fabric, velvet, satin, silk, also produced wicker bags, baskets. However, the most popular women’s handbags are made of leather. The leather is dense and, at the same time, the flexible material allows you to sew handbags of various forms, thanks to modern technology you can stain the skin in absolutely fantastic colors.

There are many types of tanning and finishing the face layer. Patent leather is obtained by applying to the front surface of the varnish film – one color, with color transition, with sequins, with breaks, or with the effect of “chameleon”. Velour suede or obtained by chrome tanning and polishing the front and / or the inside. Nubuck can also be obtained by chrome tanning, facial surface grained by abrasive, has fuzzy surface. Popular bags of fine, soft lambskin, thick leather Olympique (skin of cattle with a shiny coating) Shevret (sheepskin chrome tanning), supple napa (thin skin of cattle). Bags are also made of leather measure (preserved natural drawing on the skin of animals) and painted skin (a picture or pattern applied by hand or machine).

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