The law of attraction is based on a simple theory: Thoughts create things. While it is a simple premise, it is not always as easy as it seems. To focus on what we want to attract requires taking time away from our daily activities and uninterrupted attention. Finding a way to carve out specific blocks of time for many of is sometimes difficult to achieve. Often when trying to juggle self improvement with career and family, the things we try to do for ourselves go out the window in the process. This alternative method of using the law of attraction will help those of you who have trouble finding time to concentrate on what you want.

As we journey through a typical day, we find ourselves surrounded much of the time with familiar things, situations, places, and routines. These activities can become distractions and keep us from being able to focus on what we want.

By adding a simple extra thought to these common situations and scenes, we can compound our power to attract more and more of the situations and things we want in our lives.

I have been a student of the Law of Attraction since the movie “The Secret” came out back in 2006. I work the theory, but as I do, I have to move past certain barriers I had setup for myself without even realizing it.

The first was that I had trouble focusing, period (let alone focusing on “what I want”). So before I could get really good at using the law of attraction, I had to get good at focusing. I created a product around that, which you can find out more about by visiting .

The next thing I had trouble with was that I would get busy with my day and simply forget to keep thinking the thoughts of things I wished to attract in my life. I set up a reminder system which worked for a while, but that seemed to get a bit blurred in that it too became too familiar to really trigger a new thought. In other words, it got to be so much of a “habit” that it lost its meaning.

I call this new method the “Sense of Infusion”. The idea is that we are in essence creating a sort of sixth sense which will be our “law of attraction” sense. We do this by “infusing” these positive attraction thoughts into thoughts we already have all the time!

We are not replacing our everyday thoughts, but infusing these every day, often mundane thoughts with positive thought and energy, so that all through the day as we encounter these very simple routines, we can also be infusing our minds and our lives with a more active practice of the law of attraction.

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