Since panic and anxiety attacks “take over” the body they will often change an individual life and the way they live it forever. The effects of a anxiety disorder panic attack has on an individuals live, how to handle them and what the long term means will be discussed in this article.

The Basics of an Anxiety Disorder Panic Attack

The most objective world health sources state that 13% of the world’s population is affected by anxiety disorder. Panic attacks, fear disorders and sleep disorders are included in anxiety disorders. A difference of about two or three percent separates the amount of men and women who suffer from stress disorders. When the handling of life’s stressful situations isn’t enough to help the body adjust adequately then anxiety attacks appear. Normally these attacks are not random even though they appear to be. Normally they have clear cause which is stress even though they appear to be without cause.

If the suffer doesn’t do enough to prevent and handle the stress properly and allow other factors to interfere with their stress management then anxiety disorder panic attacks will continue to occur. Bigger problems can result from small problems such as poor diet, little to no exercise and insufficient stress relief. Treating the individual symptoms is the only way to treat anxiety attacks sufficiently. However, the symptoms are only the top layer, the essence of stress-related attacks are deeper.


Eliminating or handling the stress that you have are the ways to cure the panic attacks you suffer from. A key component to resting the body and helping it recover from the events of the day is getting proper sleep on a regular basis. To continue throughout the day and repair the cells, organisms and tissues the body needs nourishment through proper diet. To help rejuvenate your spirit and quiet your heart you should take private time to yourself. This is known to help people with their anxiety disorder panic attack and symptoms even though it is a philosophical point of view.


A panic attack can generate long term stress related problems that are quite severe. The heart takes punishment first if anxiety attacks aren’t handled properly and other body organs will soon follow. Due to a lack of cellular support the brain dedicates energy elsewhere, the lungs work harder and the heart pumps faster. As opposed to being just about one organ or body system a panic attack is a multi-system attacker. A panic attack causes the body to take a lot of punishment because of the broad symptoms. Panic attacks will be a thing of the past for you and your family if you take care to live a low stress, healthy, balanced life now.

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