Have you been experiencing all or at least three of the physical symptoms mentioned below? If that is the case, it it’s possible that you’re struggling with anxiety attack. Well, this panic state (also called anxiety disorder) is curable if treated naturally in a holistic way. These are some of the physical indications:

Physical Symptoms

• Wooziness

• difficulty breathing

• heart palpitations

• pain in the chest

• difficulty ingesting

• dry mouth

• discomfort in the abdomen

• aching muscles

• overall tiredness

• face or scalp feels numbing

• Abnormal sweating

Psychological symptoms

This dysfunction also has some psychological warning signs, several most typical one’s are:

• feeling isolated

• not able to concentrate

• annoying mood

• feeling boring

• sleeping disorders

• phobia

• aggression

• Always on edge


There are numerous reasons for panic disorder. Normally panic disorders run in families.

• It is said that it can be genetic

• Child abuse

• Trauma of losing a loved one

• Separation and divorce

• job loss

• menopause in women

• using stimulants or drugs

• any small cardiac issue

• Hypoglycemia

• Medications like valium if taken for a long duration could cause nervousness.

Treatment method

Well, each one of these warning signs are curable with basic self-help approaches. There’s no need for any prescription medication or regular visits to physicians. Selfhelp is the best help. Learn about your problem and deal with it having a reasonable mind. You are able to treat it the right path and Ending Panic Attacks. You can find books and DVD’s available on the net which will help relieve panic attacks. If any of your good friends or relatives is struggling with panic attack, gift them this product to stop it. You’ll be carrying out a HUGE favor to them.

The guidebook is useful for social anxiety as well. The self-help information explains how to handle the problem rather than run away from it. Anxiety attack is much like a dragon. The more you fear it, the more it occurs. Stand your ground but admit it and will certainly be amazed to find out it disappear. Always think positive. Tell yourself you will be fine and it will disappear completely and it will. These are some tips the self-help guide teaches you to train. At first it may not work but over time you’ll see that you have indeed put an end to anxiety attack and therefore are completely recovered from it.

Panic Disorder Treatments

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