Are you feeling as if something is wrong and you are feeling discomforted when it comes to your breathing? Or does your body feel like it is not willing to carry on? It can be very possible that you are experiencing anxiety disorder symptoms. Taking a look at some of the symptoms that can be experienced with an usual anxiety attack:

Shortness of breath is one of the more common symptoms of an panic attack. Shortness of breath often makes you feel like your entire world is caving in on you. Being able to recognize this symptom as part of an anxiety disorder can help you a lot in being able to control it. It is often being caused by somebody feeling panicky due to some of the other symptoms.

A Pounding Heart is another one of the more common symptoms. It is a common symptom in attacks ranging from just a mild attack to a full blown anxiety or panic attack. It is very common when people have an attack that they clutch at their chests as they often have fear of a heart attack or other serious ailment, when actually they are experiencing a panic attack or they are suffering from an anxiety disorder.

Feeling Faint or Lightheaded is one of an anxiety attacks symptoms that are commonly experienced in crowded places. It is because many people have phobias about being in crowds or being in an enclosed place with other people around and feeling like you are going to faint or becoming lightheaded is a common symptom they will experience. People often belief or think they have a more serious issue, but in reality it is only one of the symptoms that are associated with an anxiety or panic attack.

Then there is the fear of losing control. This is almost always presented in an anxiety attack. Other symptoms like feeling light headed or having a shortness of breath will often feel uncontrollable and will usually precede the fear of losing control when an anxiety attack is being experienced.

Anxiety disorder symptoms can vary a lot and are not isolated to just a specific group of people. As we are all different and individual people, everybody can experience an anxiety attack in different ways depending on our fears.

Fortunately anxiety disorder and panic attacks are a treatable problem and many people are living normal lives once they learn how to overcome and control their attacks. By taking the right course of action, you can ensure that panic attacks do not have precedence over your life. It is a fact that once you think you are suffering from an anxiety disorder that you must take action. It is something that most likely will get worse and at some stage it will control and nearly destroy your whole life.

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