In today’s world of high-speed and stressful life, panic attacks have become more common than we think. The best way to stop panic attacks in the long run is by getting medical help for it. Professional help like medication and therapy is essential in severe cases. We can stop an immediate panic attack by taking the following steps -

Many patients start to hyperventilate while having a panic attack and this increases the presence of carbon dioxide in their body and they start to feel sick. Therefore, the person suffering from a panic attack should first try to relax and take deep breaths. He should try to focus on his breathing and tell himself that it is going to be just fine.

The second step is to think positive and throw all the negative thoughts out of your mind. When in a panic mode, our mind tends to remind us of the worst case scenarios which may happen. If that’s the case, then you should try your best to stop it by telling yourself that it will be OK and try to interrupt those thoughts by concentrating on something else. The person should try to focus on something positive and channel your thoughts towards it.

The third step is to find a positive statement that will help you in coping with the negative thoughts your mind has been throwing on you and making you panic. Instead of thinking negative things like “this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me” or “I am going to die” etc. try to reason with yourself when you feel panic about something. For example, if you are scared of thunderstorms and having a panic attack because of it, then you should keep telling yourself “it is just a thunderstorm and it will go away soon” or “thunder noises have never killed anyone” or ” I have been through so many thunderstorms and it has never harmed me” etc.

The final step is to accept that you are scared and having a panic attack. Because if you try to hide it and pretend that you are fine then the anxiety can increase further. Do not feel ashamed of the fact that you are afraid of something because the first step to get rid of any problem is by admitting it. Denying the fact that you are feeling panicky will only increase your anxiety. So, make peace with yourself and accept your problem and then get the required help. Calmly tell yourself and the people around you that you are having a panic attack and try to resolve the problem.

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