One of the most frightening things you may find yourself experiencing is a panic attack. You could be driving to work, shopping, watching TV, etc and suddenly, your hit by a variety of strange symptoms and your convinced that something terrible is going to happen to you there and then.

BUT panic attacks can be stopped. In order to do that, you will need to come to terms with your irrational fear. Because without these fear, panic attacks cannot exist. Panic attacks are YOU being afraid of the way YOU feel – pure and simple. IF you didn’t FEAR the way you feel, then you would have no more panic attacks. (no puns here)

I am not trivializing your situation or misleading you here. These feelings are so powerful that they will scare anyone. But you need to rationalize here. You NEED to know that your mind is NOT going bananas. You need to accept these reactions and not fear them…because they are normal!

NOTHING can cause panic attacks. To think otherwise…to think that a certain room or situation CAUSES you to have the attacks is false. Its YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM being on a high state of alert. You must understand that it’s coming from you!

Panic attacks can happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t need a reason, and thats why you CANNOT put a reason or cause to it. The more you fear it and “think” that it will happen, it WILL happen. (no pun again!)

That is why you need to accept these reactions. You cannot hide or run away from them. Panic attack is a normal body reaction, when its on “panic” mode, its suppose to feel this way. Learn to accept the fact that you have panic attack and know that it will not go away by itself. Next time a panic attack strike, confront it head on, don’t run or hide from it.

Nothing will happen to you. Panic attack cannot harm you. Despite all the painful sensation and feeling of death that you have to go through during panic attack, what happened? Your still here, reading this article. No heart attack, no fainting and no dieing. This is the TRUTH that has been with you all along.

Know that panic attack cannot harm you, assure yourself that it cannot harm you and you have nothing to fear.

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