Do you have frequent panic attacks? Do you want to stop it without the need for medicine?

First of all, you need to understand that the intensity and frequency of a panic attack varies from person to person. However, reports have show that nearly every sufferer goes through a similar set of symptoms, with the overall fear that something awful is happening to them or that they are dying.

Some people get panic attacks in relation to situations in which even non-sufferers of panic attacks may get nervous, such as public speaking or taking an important test. While others experience panic attacks in relation to nerve upsetting situations, or their panic attack simply come out of the blue. These instances are arguably the most terrifying because there are no external causes that makes the body react in such abnormal ways, creating confusion and more anxiety.

You heart is pounding madly, you feel dizzy and you can’t breathe properly. Its completely normal for you to get frightened. Who doesn’t when they feel such symptoms all at once?

However, what most people who experience panic attacks don’t realize is that the fear of such symptoms worsen their panic attack. Without this irrational fear, panic attack will cease to exist. Its that simple but its also, in that moment, difficult. If you are able to relax yourself, you won’t even have repeated panic attacks in the first place.

The fastest way to stop a panic attack from escalating is to practice deep breathing. During a panic attack, your breathing quickens and your heart beats wildly, hence you need to break that with deep breathing. Focus on breathing slowly, lying down will also help to maintain deep breathing. Another way is to put the opening of a small paper bag over your mouth and breath in and out of it, allowing the bag to expand and contract completely.

Lastly, the most important factor is to remember that panic attack can do you no harm. This is the KEY to stopping it forever. You need to BELIEVE that panic attack cannot harm you, which is a fact, not something I made up just to comfort you.

Remind yourself of these FACTS about panic attacks:

-Panic attack CANNOT cause you to stop breathing.

-Panic attack CANNOT cause you to faint.

-Panic attack CANNOT cause you to have heart attack

-Panic attack CANNOT cause you to die.

Remind yourself that the symptoms, no matter how uncomfortable, will in time fade away even without your intervention (its true!). Learn to live with the panic attacks but NEVER give in. Accept that you have panic attack, don’t run or hide from it…and certainly don’t fear having it!

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