If you are prone to anxiety attacks, even small ones, you have to know how to stop a panic attack. Anxiety attacks can be very frightening. You feel as if you cannot breathe, your chest hurts, and your arms and legs feel weak, strange and tingly. There are ways to stave off panic attacks once you recognize the signs, so it is important to learn how to stop panic attacks.

Panic attacks can cripple normal life for a person. They never know when it will hit them next, and so they never leave their homes and become secludes, because it is very difficult to find the cause of panic attacks. Needless to say, this can aggravate the condition.

You can learn how to stop a panic attack before it hits you. In this case, definitely, prevention is better than cure. There are a few simple things you can do to reduce your chances of having a panic attack.

The first is to get enough sleep. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep, we all know, is necessary for the normal functioning of a person. It can also reduce the chances of panic attacks.

Exercising regularly can is another way to stop panic attacks. Panic attacks can have psychological and physical reasons. Regular exercise will make sure that you are in good shape physically, and helps improve your psychological health, as well. So this, though it might seem elementary, is a very important step in how to stop a panic attack.

You might think that panic attacks are merely psychological slips of some sort, but the fact is that it is a condition that needs medical advice. See your doctor. Your doctor might diagnose a physical problem that is causing these panic attacks or might refer you to a therapist. If you are referred to a therapist, make sure you answer all questions honestly and follow instructions.

When it comes to how to stop a panic attack, there are also herbs that are said to be helpful. Some such herbs are ashwagandha, chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, passion flower and peppermint, among others,

Steer clear of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and drugs. They can all aggravate the condition, since they all affect the nervous system in some degree. They can trigger panic attacks.

Meditation and visualization, done regularly every day, can help keep panic attacks at bay, because doing so will calm you down and give you peace of mind.

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