If you feel that you for some reason feel yourself like a cat on hot bricks or that your motivation to act is not strongly enough, it will definitely affect your behavior – perhaps it will not work out anything useful for several hours. Conversely, if you’re in good shape and set up a working mood, then in this case you can mess things up …

It is known that a seemingly innocuous word, gesture, facial expression, the sound of a phone call, the smell is associated with specific memories of the past, even this or that color can easily spoil the mood. Significant role (positive or negative) – can play a different kind of “emotional switches”.

For example, when communicating the feelings that the subject matter causes in the interlocutors, or feelings that they cause in each other, mean far more than the essence of the conversation. Therefore, the great importance is the ability to manage their feelings and emotions of the interlocutor in the process of communication, particularly in some critical situations.

The more confident you will feel yourself when using your subjective experience, your internal representations, the better you will be able to control your feelings and behavior.

Try the following exercise.

1. Evaluate your current condition (the health and mood) on a ten-point scale. The highest score is ten – which means that you have never felt so much good, and the lowest score, on the contrary, says that you have never been in so bad mood.

2. To recall some of the most enjoyable moments in your life, for example, when you could do something really worthwhile. Or when you received the special recognition of your merit (or if you for some other reason to feel yourself on the seventh heaven). Try to restore your experiences as fully as possible. Start with visual images, sounds, and then think of all the other sensations associated with this enjoyable event in your memory. Gather all your experiences together and enjoy them fully, as if you were again in the already past time.

3. Carefully transfer to the current time and re-evaluate your condition.

It is very likely that after this exercise you will feel noticeably better. Thus, you make sure that you can consciously influence on your emotional state. If you still have some doubts (for example, if you originally already were in a state of euphoria), repeat this exercise but this time think of something very unpleasant and observe your condition. The conclusion is quite simple: you can completely control your own emotions, if you really see it fit and know how to do it.

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