Anxiety is a condition that usually arises with excess stress and worry. It is usually the feared possibility of the consequences of an action that brings about anxiety. The people who get anxious are always worrying about the bad things that might happen and thus create an environment of fear in their minds.

Anxiety comes in many forms. Some suffer from panic disorder where there are unpredictable attacks of panic on the person, with its physiological consequences, while some others feel helpless in an embarrassing situation and this is agoraphobia. There are also others suffering from various other phobias like fear of heights, insects and water. Some feel that they are always watched by others, and thus suffer from social anxiety disorder. People who have undergone some traumatic event in their past suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Some people perform repeated and ritualistic behaviors to rid themselves of obsessive compulsive disorders and the most common form of anxiety is generalized anxiety disorder. These people are usually over anxious of a situation and may end up in some major depressive disorder.

As it can be seen, anxiety comes in many forms, and the first step to be taken in the treatment of anxiety lies in finding out what the cause is. Once the reason of the anxiety has been found out, it proves to be rather easy to cure anxiety. It is best to avoid these situations as much as possible in the beginning of your treatment so that there is no feeling of anxiety at all.

It may be needed to approach a psychiatrist to help in the treatment of anxiety. Under their guidance, you learn to handle anxiety attacks in three steps; before, during and after the anxiety attack.

A person who suffers from anxiety should not set self-defeating goals. It is instead better to set productive and possible goals that improve one’s thought and action. With this step, the patient learns to gain better control over oneself and thus overcome anxiety. When suffering from a bout of anxiety, it is better to calm oneself naturally rather than trying to fight or control one’s anxious feelings.

Someone with anxiety should work at producing positive thoughts in the mind. Once pessimistic or unpleasant thoughts enter the mind, it is better to divert oneself and think of other situations with vivid, optimistic pictures. If possible, it proves to be better to think positive thought of these pessimistic thoughts, using objective words.

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