Who of us does not want to wake up free, happy and natural, with love in his eyes to himself and the world around us? Enjoy themselves and all the joys of a multi-faceted and draws into the unknown things of life? Yes, it is to enjoy what you are – unique and exclusive, divine creation, worthy of the best.

Change yourself, love yourself – and the world around you will change. We have heard those words. But is simply to love yourself? And why, when we heard derogatory remarks in our address, we agree with them, taking all to our account?

Similar voices of “other grandparents”, like the echoes of past childhood, for a long time, and sometimes entire life, deprive us of the joy of being themselves. A kind of defensive system triggers that protects the sensual world, but leaves the feeling of love for the individual self. Self-love is sometimes associated with love of other people for us.

Dependence on other people’s opinions and assessments is perhaps the main reason for our dislike. How to get rid from the outside opinion about yourself imposed on us and to love your individual self? We want to offer you some advice, in my opinion the only true, as a way out of difficult life problems – lack of love for yourself, so you finally remembered about the fascinating dance of life.

1. “I’m loved and appreciated as much as I love and appreciate myself.” This phrase should be the only correct motto of life on the road to self-love. You will be able to become a source of joy and love.

2. Nobody is perfect. Remember the words from the movie “Some like it hot”: “Everyone has their own shortcomings.” Love yourself for who you are. Never allow yourself to humiliate.

3. Do not compare yourself with others. You are special and unique. Love yourself – then treat yourself with love.

4. Take its drawbacks: the weakness in some situations may shine brighter than the merits.

5. Improve yourself: you always have a chance to become better. Love yourself – means constantly working on yourself.

6. Do not think about what others think about you: they are concerned that you think about them. Configure your positive opinion about yourself.

7. Praise yourself for even the smallest successes. Repeat to myself: “I’m just lovely! “

8. Proceed on the basis of your internal motivations. Then there is no sense of what you were doing something against your will. Respect your thoughts, desires and dreams.

9. Try to make your own decisions. So can estimate your own importance and independence.

10. Be yourself: say and do what you think is necessary. Of course, without prejudice to the interests of others.

And then you’ll have sparkled eyes and smile of happiness and love will shine on your face and you will transform right before your eyes … you yourself become a source of love, joy, light and power. You will live in harmony with yourself. You’ll see you can do it! You will become the most beautiful in the world. You just need to be in harmony with yourself. And with the outside world.

Refine and look for yourself! After sorting out only in ourselves, we can accept ourselves. Love yourself and enjoy the joy of life is as natural to man as the flight of birds in the sky. This world is for you, this life is for you, and, therefore, love is for you!

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