The failure can be explained in most cases in the following main reasons: the lack of confidence and undue stress. In many cases, lack of understanding of the nature and mode of the action of the subconscious prevents the action of prayer, which you so desire. The thorough knowledge of the way of the same subconscious gives both a strong belief.

You should always remember: Once your subconscious mind will perceive the idea, it is immediately taken for its implementation. It resorts to its inexhaustible aids and applies its unique mode of the action. However, the law of the mind and the soul responds equally as good as the bad thoughts. So if you use this powerful tool in a wrong negative way it will have negative consequences. If you are going to use it positively, it will bring you a good piece of advice, the liberation from all suffering and peace of the mind. Positive thinking leads inevitably to the goal. From this fact we can draw a simple conclusion that any failure will be removed as soon as your subconscious mind will perceive the desired performance. You only need to present your goal or your desire to have exercise, and your mind will do the rest. So, rely on your subconscious mind with the great confidence, and the problem will find the perfect solution.

A violent strain of the mind never leads to success. The subconscious mind responds only to deep and full of faith of conviction of the consciousness.

Failures may also be the result of the comments of the type: “My situation is becoming every day worse.” – “I’ll never find the way out from it.” – “I have an insoluble problem in front of me.” – “It is hopeless.” – “I do not know what to do.” – “My head is spinning.” Such statements are absolutely not suitable to activate the subconscious forces. You will stagnate and will not move a single step to implement your goals.

If you have changed the direction of your drive five times while traveling in a taxi within five minutes, you hopelessly confused the driver and he is likely to refuse to carry you further. When you trust your subconscious mind there are the same rules of the conduct. Initially, there should be a clear idea or a crystal clear picture. You should not allow the slightest doubt that there is an exit from this situation or a recovery. Only the infinite wisdom of your subconscious knows the solution. Once your consciousness has come to this clear picture, you get the right setup, and you will be given to your faith.

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